Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Traveling Traveling

There once lived a girl in a land called Logan who was trying to make a decision. She prayed and prayed and waited and waited asking the Lord what she should do. She takes after her father and is very impatient so one day as she left the temple she said, okay lord I am going to do it, just let me know if i am making the wrong choice. That girl is now so thankful for that moment that she decided to go and cant even fathom the idea of not having come to this beautiful place in Peru. 

I was able to travel to Tacna, moquegua, and Ilo learning even more from president, and other missionaries. Basically, our new goals, is to work with families instead of individuals. our talk came together well as we continued to work int he time we had and it evolved into what we felt our mission needed. 

Got a STACK of letters and postcards. Thanks to all the faithful letter writers out there, you keep making me look popular. 

AFter all the traveling we wer excited to get a FEW hours in the area to gt to know a few more people, and the lord seriously blessses us as we are faithful. The members are so excited to work with us and it just seems right that we are here. We had a famiy history activity on sunday night and it was the same thing we did in mollendo but this time we had adults representing their dead ancestors. As they presented the spirit was so so strong. You could tell that they really were thankful for the people that did their temple work and it was a good time to reflect on why we have temples. It is super rare to see strong families here i think anywhere actually and just the way they treated each other it was th emost sweet sincere marriage i have seen in awhile. 

presidnet made a big spanish woops htat made us all laugh during one of his conferences he goes ´´tenemos que pensar fuera de la caca´´ We need to think outside of the poop haha he was trying to say box which is (caja) right after he just goes okay that was bad. He is a good guy i have learned to just be a real person with him, not try to be anything that your not around different people. It was kinda weird because as we traveled it felt like a famiy road trip. Something that tickled my heart strings was when he was talking to the zone in tacna about feeling the spirit he said when we were coming down here larsen and kuhn were singing in the back and i told sister zobrist i feel like our kids carley and katie are in the back, and i felt the spirit of elijah. haha it made me feel good like i was part of the family for a sec. 

This week we will have 3 more conferences and then finally be able to turn that page and get the acutal center up and going. 
I love this stuff!

D and C 138  12 And there were gatheretogether in one place aninnumerable company of the spirits of the justwho hadbeen faithful in the testimony of Jesus while they lived inmortality;
 13 And who had offered sacrifice in the similitude of thegreat sacrifice of the Son of God, and had sufferedtribulation in their Redeemer’s name.
 14 All these had departed the mortal life, firm in the hopeof glorious resurrectionthrough the grace of God theFather and his Only Begotten SonJesus Christ.
 15 beheld that they were filled with joy and gladness,and were rejoicing together because the day of theirdeliverance was at hand.
I want to be one of thos just people, faithful in my testimony of jesus and who sacrificed something to understand the power of the atonement more in my life. I love you and the lord odes too! 

love hna larsen

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