Monday, November 23, 2015


Well first I would like to share with you all how much i LOVE YOU!! thanks for the turkey feathers, i was filled with gratitude as i put each one up on the wall. 

This week included mostly meetings with the family history and the people working in the center so they can be more self sufficient and bring groups from every stake in. Sometimes when i am kind of sick of meetings i think why cant we be teaching in our area, but then i immediately repent and think of the many blessings and the great opportunity it is to work in this assignment. President zobrist is amazing and i have learned so much from him about how to delegate and how to motivate people so #grateful. also we started filling up little jars with the temple ground dirt of arequipa for everyone that sends a name to take home and remember. too cute for words right? 

Our owners went to the temple for the week to be sealed :) and they left us with their turtle so that was fun. haha

Blessings from Repentance and the Atonement: Well i hate to tell you all this but i am still not perfect. The hardest thing for us here in our ward is something going on with an important leader of the ward, and i have kind of lost a lot of faith in the way things are working and i didnt like my attitute about it or the fact that I didnt have faith and it is definitely not my space to go in and train or tell them how to do their job. So i have been having this battle inside my head and i realized tuesday that it was really affecting my ability to love and respect anyway and so I just felt this really strong need to repent and so when i was in my personal study i went near my bed and began to tell the lord all my bottled up frustrations and everything and i just felt so much better after. I have learned a lot about patience here and i am still not patient and i have realized that i like things to be perfect and it will all just take time. so when i read D and C 123:17 it just calmed me down to understand that there are some things that just arent in my control, the only thing i can try and do is figure out a way to help him even though it is sometimes dissapointing and keep working. I testify that repentance is a way to use the power of the atonement and helps us feel free from many bad feelings.  I am Grateful for the Savior. 

Well that was deep

If anyone would like to study something i studied i will invite you to do so!
Numbers 21:4-9
John 3:1-17
Alma 33:19-23
Alma 37:38-47
This was one of my studies and it was awesome for me. It is about the story of moses when he was traveling and people were complaining and then the lord sent snakes and they began to bite people, then moses held up a staff with the serpent and the only thing they had to do to be saved was to look upon it and they would be healed. Anyway, I invite you to read these scriptures and think of how it is a symbol of the lord being raised up and all we need to do is look up to it. Some people didnt believe the words of moses and didnt look and perished. It all begins with believing in the Lord and the prophet. I know the prophet recieves revelation from God, about all things going in our world. 
Happy Thanksgiving my family and friends I love you all and love this gospel. My plans for thanksgiving, my comp wants to go to the house of a gringo family that live here, we will see what happens. Eat lots of gravy and rolls for me and i will save you all some of my rice okay?

con mucho amor y cariño

hna larsen

Monday, November 16, 2015

las familias pueden ser eternas

BUENOS DÌAS a todos!

so from the title families can be together forever, i just feel like seeing the baptism of edison it truly made me see the real potencial in this family. As we were finishing teaching him all the commandments, we asked his mom how she felt about these things, and she said that after hearing the purpose behind tithing and fasting and word of wisdom and chastity she wants to obey god and be able to fulfuill all that he asks of us. Our goal preparing for the baptism was to do all we could so that the spirit could manifest more strongly like it does in all ordinances of the gospel, and it was a really spiritual experience for me. i felt the feeling of an active faith and it was a beautiful thing. When we asked him how he felt after he said a lot better than i was before. when we had time to share his testimony he said that when we has nervous to be baptized he prayed to know if he was doing the right thing and felt good about it. He came to his confirmation with pants and a tie and everything which is really rare. He is already excited to go to the temple and knows that is his goal. This was such a big step for this family, and we are getting excited to continue teaching them. Their next step would be for them to get married and so she can be baptized. 

This week we were talking with president and hna zobrist and it looks like we are going to be at all the stake conferences pushing more and more family history. the more time that i am in this assignment the more i feel like i should know a lot more of how to DO IT but truth is i dont know a lot i just know that with what i have studied and learned that it truly is the purpose and reason we are here. to do these things for them. President said to hna, z, honey where should we go to church tomorrow, and i said come check out cesar vallejo (our ward) and he goes done. we are coming. So they came and it was awesome. My favorite moment was when he came to our gospel doctorine class which is for all investigators and less actives who are coming back and all that and he sat next to an investigator who is a cut little old lady who doesnt talk very well and he was makin her fell all special and makin jokes iwth her it was fun. 

This work is the best. And I am thankful for my awesome companion who is a true friend and we praying and praying and fasting and it is just a beautiful thing to work together in unity. We were listening to a less active and i felt like i needed to tell him that the lord needs him back at this specific time and as i thought that my companion said it. It just made me realize that the spirit truly works and I feel lucky that we were both tuned into it. This work is true and I love all yàll. 

Our ward was pretty excited to have a baptism because they havent had one in over 8 months, so i hope it excites them to start being a part of the work a little more.

Anything that you guys want to hear about especifically that i dont really ever cover? Let me know, i would love to hear what you want to hear?

1. you will always see people walking down the streets with pans of uncooked or cooked food because they pay people to use their ovens. A lot of people dont have them. so that is your taste of peru this week.


hermana larsen

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


So i need to make up for last weeks lame email sorry. The lord is blessing us so much and we have seen how the lord truly has prepared the hearts of this area for me and my companion. There are many times here in the mission where i feel like ammon when he goes on about how awesome it was that the lord was able to make use of him as an instrument in his hands and that the lord was able to help the lamanites convert. You can just feel how stoked he is about the power of god and just cant stop talking of all the blessings and miracles that happen and i feel like that every week. There is nothing that brings ``joy to the rim`` like seeing fellow bretheren truly repentant and coming to the lord. 
alma 26 16 Therefore, let us gloryyea, we will glory in thLord;yea, we will rejoice, for our joy is full; yea, we will praiseour God forever. Behold, who can glory too much in theLord? Yea, who can say too much of his great power, andof his mercyand of his longsuffering towards the childrenof men? Behold, say unto you, I cannot say the smallestpart which feel.  

1. picture this lesson okay. We are teaching a family of the 1'0 commandments and law of chastity and my comp used their computer to pull of a picture of the temple. okso we are talking about how when we keep the commandments we are worthy to have gods spirit with us. so we need to treat our bodies with care as if it were a comp says i would like for you to look at this temple and points to the computer, we all look over and right then it fell asleep and the background came up like the screensaver and it is straight pornagraphic images and i couldnt help myself i just busted up laughing. it was such a disaster. The lesson ended up well because they were able to quickly discern what images words made them feel good and which ones didnt. we helped them change their screen saver and everything after too. now it is the temple. anyway the less actives son is getting baptized this saturday and we are really impressed with his testimony. 
ARLETH she is 15 and a golden investigator
1. k we taught her also law of chastity it went better than the puma family i just told but we told her that we knew that the laws of god seemed different to people from the world. and she goes on to tell us that last week on halloween people invited her to drink and she said the church i belong to doesnt allow that and was firm and everythign and told us she felt like someone was behind her on the decision. the best part was that we hadnt even taught her yet about the word of wisdom. 
2. next lesson with arleth she told us she had some questions. her professor at her school was taunting her for coming to church and asking what kind of church are you going to. do they even have authority to do baptisms? and all this stuff and she totally DEFENDED everything with what she had learned. and then after wanted us to answer the questions of how we have the priesthood and all that. i told her arleth you will have people criticize this decision maybe even your own family but this is the time where you can recieve a confirmation of what you believe. we talked of the restoration of the priesthood and where it comes from and her testimony was made stronger after that trial. After we taught she goes can i add something? of course! she goes on to share a scripture that she had read in the BOM in 3ne when it talkes about how if it is a church after the name of moses than it is mose`s church. but my church will have my name. and she goes this all makes sense and i believe the book of mormon is true. she reads more than doing her homework she said. I AM ALWAYS SO GIDDY AFTER TEACHING HER!! the spirit is always so strong. pray for permission from her parents that she can be baptized the 28th!

i forgot my camera cord so please forgive me. aghh i am so mad at myself because i had lots of good pics to send.....sorry. 

basically i love the mission still. and it pains me when people ask me how much time i have left but it gives me all the more reason to just work as hard as i can. 

love you all, thanks for all the support and prayers, you guys are part of this too

hna larsen

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Happy Halloween to all. My day was spent fasting for the area and for the spirit to know how to help advance the work with our ward, and with our calling for family hisroty. Wasnt too hard because here they dont pig out on dulces like we do. But rather they take a plate of food to the grave of their dead ancestors so that they can eat. and bread. so ya that is that. 

As far as family history goes, we are doing great, hearing great things from many missionaries as they have come in. i think in this next month we are going to continue with an increaseof missionaries bringing people in or at least doing it. I can honestly say that i have a testimony that family history is the best source for retention. Last week i told you a less active came to the FHC and found a huge family and etc. When we saw her this week she told us that she was been going to internet for like 2 hours everyday and has continued finding out more of her family how her grandpa changed their last name and etc. anyway she said she now has a goal to go to the temple and in order to do that she needs to start coming to church. So she totally realized that to be able to do it she needs to get back in it. Grateful once again for the confirmations the lord sends in his plans to save every one of his children. 

Sorry dont have much to report this week other than I LOVE BEING HERE. the spirit of god truly does burn like a firre. and that peru is the best. 
i love my family. I love the lord. i am falling more in love with the families here in the ward which is helping me serve them more.

lots of love have a great week.
happy anniversary mommy and daddy. YOU 2 are the best

hna larsen


last p day we went bowling. in companionships. and of course we won! is that even an option to lose?? you gotta be kiddin. k so it was another resfreshing start to the week to knock down some pins. 

The week was full of a pleathera of experiences scriptures lessons to be learned and of course the spirit of god. Some highlights....we took a less active to the family history center here in arequipa and she found a huge family of 9 kids to do the work for it was seriously so cool. i put her photo in here. 

We did a service for our owners of our room that needed help with some reconstruction andstuff in their house and it was fun hard work followed by PIZZA yummers. 

families are where it is at. ya know what i think thisfamily history toll is kinda hard sometimes because it makes me think so much  in my amazing family that i just truly cant wait for the day to be together with you all. you are my best fans and i love you so much. We traveled to tacna and helped out with sending names there. The missionaries hand in this work is seriously so crucial. it reaffirmed for me the inspiration that president z has for this mission. every member was invited to come to theworkshop but out of the ones that did, they were brought by missionaries. When you do so much family history of course you think of your own family and i toldmy comp of the story of when we went to the phoenix temple together. probably best larsen moment. karl. hahaha god bless him wherever he is. 

Something that i really enjoyd doing this week was we talked in district meeting of accountabiity before the lord. basically like telling the lord everything that has happened and being responsible for everything we do. it is a reallyhumbling experience but i have tried to truly go through the day during my prayer and recieve spiritual guidance correction and affirmations of things i need to change orwhy it went well.basically it is just a way to depend on the spirit and work hard to have it with us. i love the scriptures. this church is true. the words the the spirit of god like a fire is burning are true.
amen y amen

nos vemos familia

hna. larsen