Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Yesterday, during ward council i truly felt the worry and sorrow that our bishop has for his flock. 71 people came to sacrament meeting. Now more than ever we truly need to help him, bring in the forgotten and lost sheep. The less active are the forgotten and we are the less actives for not going to show them love.  It will take more than just us, and i know that together we can help.. Something i read that I really enjoyed and thought about is that as it talks of the grand council god had in the premortal life. It seems to imply that he did exactly that COUNSELED. I realized thats why we have leadership counsels, to see how we can bring about the work of our heavenly father. Obviously, god expressed his desires of having all his spirit children progress and his way of seeing the plan, so when satan said I will MAKE EVERYONE OBEY and I will get the glory it just makes me super grateful for the savior who said thy will be done and the glory be thine. He understood the importance of agency to our father in heaven. 
My mom has always said there are too many chiefs and not enough indians in our family. For a second this made sense. Jesus christ is the best at fulfilling the desires of his father. I hope that i will be a better person as to better help the Lord accomplish and fulfill his plans. More than anything i just want to keep developing my testimony in the savior throughout my life.. Sometimes i think it is just something in the mission, but NO it is a life thing that i want to keep. 

That was super fun to see the nicholls here in peru. Fun to have a classic peruvian meal. That was actually the first time i tried Cuy (guinue pig) here on the mish. not too bad. It was so great seeing them I hope i wasnt too weird, it felt just like they were coming to salt lake or something and they picked me up from school to go to cafe rio or something ahah. we are seriously so blessed to have the best family every. One thing i realized that makes us so close is that our family sacrifices things for each other and puts a lot of effort into everything we do. I have recieved an unreal amount of postcards emails packages from so many of you. Thanks so much. This family history thing is just making me super sensitive to realizing how unique my family is. I love you guys. forever and ever. happy tears for days. 

as for the work, we have had some really cool lessons with amazing people here that really want to change their lives.analcoholic for example read the restoration booklet and as we explained, i asked what do you feel as you hear of this plan god has brought back and he said, i feel like 25 kilos is over me. super sweet guy just wanting to change his life. Another one, at the end of the lesson he prayed and asked Help me to know if this church is true. I felt the sincerity of his plea and felt the little spark down the spinee. THE SPIRIT ALWAYS TESTIFIES TO A SINCERE HEART. Missions are the best. so blessed to be apart of this amazing and glorious time in the world. 

This week we will be enlightened for 5 hours from elder uceda who is in the 70. wahooo i`ll be sittin in that spirit zone 

love you all. 

1 peter 1
 19 But with the precious blood of Christ, as of lambwithout blemish and without spot:
 20 Who verily was foreordained before the foundation ofthe world, but was manifest in these last times for you
the atonement needs to become personal 


so our mission leader is a  little person and i love him
cuzinz foreverrr and whereverrr
i couldnt attatch a video of me sillystringing rach for graduation but you can all image it.

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