Monday, July 20, 2015

cosas nuevasssss

Well, heres to new adventures! Seriously such a crazy week. We get to our area in Paucarpata and they closed the area with elders and sent us sisters in. Just imagine elders living and then the sisters coming in, you would think they would clean right? We walked in and didnt want to put anything on the ground until we cleaned. so first stop we went to a store and bought an exagerrated amount of cleaning everything. The bathroom.......sorry to be graphic but like #pukefordays it was so gross. We dont have warm water and it is FREEZING in the morning but we are workin on that. 
But things are awesome because the members and bishopbric are SO excited for us to be there, they have already given us references and so we feel super hopeful. 

Famaily History schtuff
So this week we travel with the president to Ilo and Tacna for zone conferences speaking about how using fmaily history help us in our missionary work. So we work a lot with the mission presidents wife, she is awesome. The hardest part is that we dont get to stay in our area very much and I just know the members and people are ready for people to work hard. We are going to give it our ALL the time that we have in the area. I know this is going to be the hardest challenge for me as I take this on. 

we have already had great experiences though so i am really excited. As we proposed our idea to our mission counsel, as we were teaching I heard president lean over to his wife, I really feel so great about this. We have very limited time to get our plan and talk ready and we were kind of worried this week just trying to think of what points we want to hit on. We said a prayer and just get ur all done in like an hour and it was some of the most enlightening times of my mission. All i can do is pray and hope that it goes out the way the Lord would have it. Basically what we want is that in every lesson we teach, we help everyone understand the importance of family and an eternal perspecitive of temple work, so that we eliminate the idea of baptism and nothing else. THe hardest part of peru is that the families have 3 kids but never get married. and it is a process! but ya so super excited,

Leaving Mollendo was super hard because I seriously had a home there and just tears for days but thats what we do we move on. The hardest part was saying bye to the converts. Walter said, You are like the pillars of the testimony that I have recieved. I trust in you so much and up until now I feel like i trust you more than everyone even my parents. He took his kids to church and just looked so happy. I know that all I can do is pray for these people now cause i wont be close to them. 

The photo with a sister is someone i taught in Miraflores my first area. She now wants to go on a mission. she found out i was coming back to arequipa and came to the terminal to pick me up. Her mother is Nilda i dont know if you remember her but she is going to the TEMPLE. now that is true joy. I love this work. 

check the food. that will give you a status on my bathroom situation...lolz 

lots of love please pray for me this week as we teach the mission. yikes. 

besitos y abrazos

family history whaa??

First thanks for ALL and i mean ALL the birthdya wishes. Today i spent all my time reading ahah

The activity for family history was kinda funny. I had an idea of how it would turn out in my head, well me and my companion and it turned out completely different. The youth didnt pull through in the way we thought. the stories changed, people bailed, small assitance. for the whole district there was less than 100 people. but NOW let me tell you those who did go felt the spirit and it worked out the way that the LORD wanted. IF there is one thing i learn over and over again is that the lord works in mysterious ways. Like during one of the talks, the girl was like telling a story of a girl whose uncle died and that we ahve to wait to do baptisms for the dead until we know for sure that they have died. haha lolz luv hre church in peru. tha bomb diggity.k luvs

well i have a change. I am headed back to arequipa and have kinda a cray calling. I dont understand it exactly but I am going to be a traveling sister or something in charge of family history hahahahahaahah lolz for realz the lord knows why. I hope i can hel pin the smallest way possible. 

hna larsen

Adios a mi juventud hola 20´s :(

If i am real dont have much to report this week. All the children of god we are teaching dont really have desires to be married even though they have kids so we are kindof in this stage haha

Remember Walter? He was baptized inlikea pool/ocean thing? ya so his dad is SUPER less active and we went to go visit walter and normally the dad just kind of says he isnt here leave. but this time he goes hey sister larsen i dont agree with your president of your country permitting gay marraige because pretty soon other countries are going to follow the example of america. We are going to lose the idea of family and children.....´´I just looked at him and said hey I agree with you and so does the Lord and we started chatting and this sunday him and his wife came to church it was like so cool. Who would have thought that the passing of this law would form a way for a lost child to go back to church. Still love america. hope y├íll enjoyed some nice BBQ. seriously though #starsandstripes4eva I blasted star spangled banner in the morning like 5 timesin a rowand my comp just laughed. She thinks im cray. but i mean what i say she is right. 

This will be the last week with my best Ecuadorian friend EVA. super sad. it will be hard if i stay or if i go. I will leave that with the next email. I love all the members here just trying to help them the best way i can. The branch president asked after fast and testimony meeting ´´hna larsen are you leaving? You are staying until Feb. right?´´ i just laughed and then he asked me to please teach the chorister how to lead the hymns haha talk about tone. deaf. jk. but ya it will be quite fun. 

This week i feel like i learned a lot on adversity and the purpose it plays. Adveristy is used in our lives by god to continue to test us and make our faith stronger. IT is the way that we react to situations little and big that help us strenghten the way we use our agency. Like nefi in the bok of mormon the Liahona worked according to his faith and diligence. All we can do is keep our eye on our savior and have the firm hope of the blessings that come from keeping our covenants and keeping the commandments. When we understand that they are a sure way to secure eternal life we will happily submit to this advice from the lord. Now fight those daily battles with reading the word of god. luh you so much! 

lord loves ya and i do too
pray for our prophet that he may be filled with inpsiration for our 2 new apostles 

pics pday from last week
i cut bb girls hair

aghhh i am gonna be old now!!!! No matter what i do i will still be 8 at heart. jake is evidence of that am i right? 

que les vaya bien

hna larsen

Mine elect hear my voice and harden not their hearts


So this past saturday as we remembered the death of our prophet Joseph Smith on the 27th of June, we had a nother NOCHE BLANCA. One of our investigadors was baptized a member of the church. They gave time to the 4 converts if they wanted to share and Carlos was the first and inspired the rest to come up and share. He said that the spirit has come to his heart, and has changed him. He said I thanks the sisters for sharing me words of wisdom. Do you remember him? He is the guy that comes for 15 days to Mollendo, then has to go back to Lima, then comes back. When we came out of the water, he was super reflective and I could feel his gratitude for this special ordinance.

The branch is getting SO much stronger. We have dedicated more time to the branch and are seeing a lot of improvement. The branch president asked me, Hermana larsen do you have changes this week, I said no, and he said, oh please I hope you stay til you finish your mission. haah IT made me feel good. He walked into the office and I was typing out the visiting teaching lists for the relief society pres. and he was just the happiest guy. Alipio who was baptized a month ago said, Hermanas why cant you just stay until youre grandmas. haha I thought that was so cute. Also, the pic i sent last week with MAricruz she asked, hna larsen how am i going to be in contact with you, can you make me an email? 

happies of the week:
1.  I was typing up the visiting teaching lists and I heard ´´buh buh da dum da bom bom. i{m going out tonight i am feeling alright...´´ I just stopped and was like wut. Someone was listeinign to shania twain!! I wanted to hug the member but it was a man so. there is that. 

2. Divisions with Hna. Klingler, we visited this cute old member by her field. She is a keeper and has the sweetest laugh. We also sang America the Beautiful

3. President and his wife came again to Mollendo.


heard about the legalized gay marriage. 

Wherefore the decree hath gone forth from the Fatherthat they shall be gathered in unto one place upon the faceof this land, to prepare their hearts and be prepared in allthings against the day when tribulation and desolation aresent fortupon the wicked.
 For the hour is nigh and thday soon at hand when theearth is ripe; and all the proud and they that do wickedlyshall be as stubbleand will burn them up, saith the Lordof Hosts, that wickedness shall not be upon the earth;
 10 For the hour is nigh, and that which was spoken bymine apostles must be fulfilled; for as they spoke so shall itcome to pass;

I lovethe scriptures. I still love America. It was prepared from the Lord. I was reading in 1 Ne. when it talks of the apostacy and the restoration of the gospel. It astounds me to think that Nephi knew everything that was going to happen in our day, the lords plan was to save their history for us. We have so much to thank the lord and the prophets for. I decided in that moment as i was reading to pray and ask if it was true, and it just made sense in my mind and i felt the spirit. Things of the church of God make sense, he established 1 true church. 
I loved that the general conference in October was all on listening to the words of the prophet and apostles, then in April the majority was on families and marriage. They know what is coming, just trust in them. 
Luv u all. CELEBRATE BIG FOR THE 4th of JULY i am going to make the zone sing the star spangled banner or somethign. Merica

Los Templos son maravillosos

First and foremost HAPPY FATHERS day to the greatest guy out there TODD RANDY LARSEN. 

Second hand news, Peru oficially has 2 temples. wahoo The temple dedications were bomb because 1. uchtdorf and bednar both spoke and 2. the recent converts were able to go. I put a foto of Alipio in his SUIT haha he is awesome. I just sat in there and was blown away at their talks. Bednar talked a ton of finding people to do these ordinances. he said we are blessed to have temples to bring salvation to everyone. we need to do these things for OUR dead. not THE dead. OUR DEAD. I got thinking and it makes sense. They still need to accept these ordinances, and if it were me, i would probably accept them more whole heartedy if it were my great great great great grand-daugther too. I felt again, the spirit of the temple. Just like we wnat to be together forever, God has that plan too, that we can all be with him. We have a great father in heaven. I hope we could all think of him this last week.

There was a time this week when i felt sick to my stomach because and i was thinking that i really needed to change my way of thinking towards the branch and was seriously hurting. I just prayed to the lord asking for help with my weaknesses and that i wanted to be a better disciple. I felt a calming and that the lord placed and i didnt feel sick anymore. I have realized that i am super weak, but i want to try to be better one day at a time, with this weakness, and with the help of the lord i will be made stronger. 

okay, everyone. Everything here is solid, poops included. so i am good. Do you remember Carlos? The guy who comes and goes every 15 days? well he came back last week and he is going to be baptized this saturday! He is so prepared i cant believe it. We accidently forgot to tell him this sunday that there wouldn´t be sacrament for the dedication of the temple for those members who have reccomends and so he came and then sent a message to us saying ´´hey what happend, why arent they letting in a future mnember of the church´´ i felt so bad. We taught of tithing temples and he just keep saying I want you to know of my testimony. The elder that gave him his interview for baptism asked him the first questions like Do you believe in God and Jesus Christ and then Carlos just basically went off and said of course and i feel of their love because they called a prophet joseph smith to restore the gospel and that today we hear from apostles and profets who guide us. He is just awesome. Lots of reasons to be happy. 

This week, my companion just looks at me and goes, you are crazy.
It is the same old me, not glorified, but still trying to be a good girl

now go give dad a hug for me, erryone

love, sister blister

hermana larsen

p.s. i made pancakes this week. they were bomb. 

Noche Blanca

I have no idea how, but every week feels like one long day and at the same time a year haha so much happens when you are in the mission.

For starters it was bb gurls birthday so i arranged a little party with the pench and all the missionaries came over for lunch. We also had the baptism of 2 AMAZING people for la noche blanca. We had 2 from our branch and 3 from another. It was so special and the church was FULL! Originally there was just going to be one of the baptism testify and share but aylin looks at me and goes, i want to talk so i sent her up there. She is so brave, she is 9 years old and her testimonmy was rockin. she said ´´i feel as if god opened the path to heaven for me´´ and ´´now that i am mormon i want to continue gods example´´ she is such a little angel, i feel lucky to know her and be apart of her life for a little bit. The next one was Juan Roque his mom has been contra since we began teaching him and works from 5 am. until 8 p.m. and so we can never see her but god is grand and we talked with her the night before his baptism. Seriously it was so powerful. She expressed all of her concerns and at the end i just felt like it wasnt anything against the church she was just worried for his son and didnt want him to mess up after a baptism. He is 19 and was concerned that he couldn´t live up to the standards of a christian life. At the end she asked is he realy prepared? The spirit was so strong and we testified of the change that we have seen in him, that he has stopped drinking coffee and tea because it is a commandment of god, that he will bless this home and all those found in it. By the end we asked her for her support, that she can remind him to go to church every sunday, and she said that she would ask her boss to come to the baptism. Unfortunately...she couldn´t come, but he was so happy either way. 

When nefi has to go back to get the plates the first 2 attempts dont work out. I am always inspired by his faith and perseverance and trust in the lord that he will really provide a way to accomplish what he asks. There is a part where he mentions how god helped moses. I could see right then, that he was confident in the lord because he knew the stories of the prophets of old, he knew the scriptures and how god helps his children. When we study gods work in the scriptures it provides a way for us to find solutions to our problems and weaknesses that we have.

We are trying to focus now in the branch in the members testimonies and mostly in the leadership, because it is a little frustrating some of the things that just never get done even though we keep on their tails. I swear, if i have grey hair at a young age, i will put the blame on this time of my life ahah i sleep walk and talk of ways to help this branch of mollendo. it is a little behind the other ones here in the district, but we will catch up little by little. love and patience is all it takes right? 

have a wonderful week. hasta luegito

hna larsen

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