Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Here comes the BOOM

WE HAVE APPROVAL FROM THE 70!! So, President and sister Zobrist called on Wednesday, and told us that we are going to make some plans because we the okay. Thursday, we went to see the family history center where it will be located. Right now it is just a church building that they used as an institute but it was so small that they built another one. needless to say, it is going to be perfect!! 

The month of September we will be training Every. Single. Zone. so 15 zones. The honest truth is that I was feeling a little super worried for our WARD. How in the world are we going to help people progress if we aren`t in the area, but I have the faith that we will be able to use the time wisely and still help this ward progress. 

Yesterday, we went and visited a less active who is coming back to the church, and she said that she doesnt feel that she is clean and has completely repented. We walked through the steps of repentance with her and I truly felt the spirit of repentance. I know that it isnt a punishment but rather a way to feel lighter and happier. i am thankful for this time that I have as a missionary with the proper authority from god to declare repentance and help others chose a better way to live. 

We also met a 16 yr. old who is a convert for a little over a year and less active. The poor thing jsut started to tell us all this stuff going on in her life. and i felt like i needed to ask her how her relationship was with her parents. She began to just trust us with EVERYTHING and is passing for some real struggles, and doesnt feel like her parents are an outlet. I know that there is a reason we have parents. No matter what type they are, there is a commandment to honor them. They dont give her permisson any more to come to church, but I know that as she is prayerful and hopeful, the Lord does and will provide a way for her to keep his commandments.  I love helping these people in times of sorrow, find hope and a reason to be happy. My favorite part of the mission, is feeling like ii am helping people find solutions to their problems and to help them find solutions for themselves. es the best i loove it. 

We had a meeting with all the people who are going to help us get the cetner up and running, and someone said, we need to thank god for this great privelage we have to be apart of preparing the people of arequipa to recieve the temple. This is a huge step in the preparation. One thing is clear to me, i am not the best at recognizing blessings, and i really do feel lucky to be apart of this. Many times I think wow i dont really feel like a missionary when all i do is think of how we are going to arrange the tables and computers and stuff, but i know that God has a purpose for me with this calling. I am no expert, but i do feel of the importance of doing it and the spirit behind it. 

Working close with the president and his wife is a blast and they just keep me laughing. 

I love my family, and baby randy there are prayers comin your way. 

fun things about peru:  Anytime you see a patch of grass or a tree it is called a park. No matter if it is just 1 tree or  5 feet of grass it is automatically a park. 


if you are bored and want to listen to a crazy spanish song type in michilala corazon cerano and you will have a good time. we heare it EVERYWHERE and it is making me crazy

hna. larsen

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