Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The 3rd Companion

Strong Teaching Moment: So we are teaching this woman Marcia and she is telling us about how she is open to do the Lords will for her but that she is like a Trunk in the catholic church. We had explained the restoration and everything and she just has recieved answers for years that every church leads you to god. As i was praying on what I could say or share to help her understand i just decided to share my testimony. In that moment I felt the Spirit there testifying with a power that isnt mine. There is 1 church that jesuschrist himself established, and after years of being lost it is here again in full glory. She said later in the lesson she knew that ``gods presence is here`` She is willing to pray again to ask the only one who knows everythign if this church is true. 

One of the best things that I love about the mission is that we get so much guidance and many opportunities to learn and then put it into practice. The General Bishop came this last week Bishop Stevenson and it really was a great talk. He is incharge of buying the temples and all that stuff so things are looking good for the Arequipa one. I am guessing another 3 years until it is all built. Most of his message was about the importance of having the Spirit with us. Then, create an environment in which the spirit can testify and speak. The spirits role in every persons life is so important and that is why we need to be sensitive to what we feel, and try our best to act on those things. I cant really describe how I felt but then we had leadership meetings with the president that night and the following morning. 

After a few meetings we got back to the area, and my whole body just ached and i was so extremely tired. I was so ready to make changes and teach with more power but my body was just wasted. I went bedside and said a prayer just asking for strength and just waited got up and then used my faith and got ready go. May have taken an IB proufen as well haha my comp asked. are you not tired? i told her that I prayed and felt a lot better and invited her to do the same. The area is lookin up. 

Even though we dont have a ton of time in our week spent in the area we are seeing miracles. 3 investigadors came to church. 1 we hadnt been able to find in over 3 weeks. He stayed all three hours and then at night time we went to the church to help with the choir and he was in there haha he cant even. His name is manuel and is missing his pointer finger, but that doesnt slow him down cutting wood for a living. He came to choir practice cause he heard there was one, nothign else. When I walked in I just smiled so big and jsut yelped MANUEL!!! I love teaching and just helping the members. 

HAPPY FAMILY HISTORY MONTH OF SEPTEMBER (seriously church wide) we are going to train all the missionaries this month in the center. Please pray for us and that we can have the spirit of elija and all that jazz. haha and for better internet. 


hna. larsen

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