Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Que tal?

So we finished all the conferences FINALLY. I have to admit i was fightin myself in the last one because i had heard it 4 times but in every single one they were a little different and i have learned so much about myself, the person i want to be, and how i can teach better. aka SPIRIT. the spirit does it all. There truly is no better feeling that the spirit am i right or am i right. So after one conference we made it back to the area and were pretty wiped out but i was just filled with the faith that god has people waiting for us. there is a family that we are trying to get married so that they can be baptized, and they have been in the process of getting papers for about a year withougt really getting the papers. So as we went ther ewe felt we needed to talk of the proclamation to the family. It is amazing when people understand and feel the power and purpose of family. I asked the dad after the first two paragraphs why the fmaily is important. He said, they are ordained from god so in a way it is a commandment. I could see it just click within him. We didnt read the whole thing, but the spirit was strong as we talked of the power to have families sealed for the eternities. I told them of the day all of us larsens went to the temple toghether before i left for the mission. I remember distinctly asking myself in the celestial room, why inj the world am i leaving them. The answer was reconfirmed once again while here in the mission that I am here to help others have this same blessing. Baptism is a great step, but i know that those peoples joys is SO much better if they stay strong and go to the temple. Pres. Nelson said, start with the end in mind. I have committed myself to focus more on this perspective of every parent, child, and person, and to help them feel and trust in god more. 

I love driving in the car with president and his wife. I always feel super at home. He calls hna. zobrist ol`lead foot cause she drives just SOO fast. He was telling us aboutwhat is happenin with the world, and donald trump and mexicans and all this stuff. One thing i admire about pres. is that he is just super real with who he is and trusts us all a ton because he knows that we have to learn to be obedient for ourselves. He understands agency perfectly. The way he corrects people also, is super cool. Just lots of love and lets them spill it. haha AFter having seeing all the missionaries in these last two weeks, i have seen that there are miserable missionaries and happy ones and it is a choice. We are doing the work of salvation and we have every right to be on cloud 9 every single day. 

For anyone that wants a good read 2 Ne. 4 keep in mind that this is Nephi one of the coolest prophets ever and even he felt weak sometimes. I love how real he is with himself in this chapter. Trust in the lord, deposit your trust in him, and everything else follows. 

I got to see people from my group again. Owen was my comp in the CCM. This guy gave me his police hat when we helped him move houses all day saturday :)

thats a wrap.

hermana larsen

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