Wednesday, September 9, 2015

tha work in progress

How we doin back home family?
Started the day off well with a nice service project. we literally lifted up her house and moved it 180 degrees so her door was facing the other way. I dont really know why she wanted it like that but it took team work from the zone and it was just a good morning. 

highlights of the week

I dont really know how to explain how fun it is being with pres. and hna. zobrist they just remind me of the family life and maybe that`s why i think it is fun. we see them just about everyday as we do these trainings. So the center is up and running and we have already asked for more computers because we are thinking that we are going to be needing more which is awesome. There was a missionary that sent names to the temple, and i just was like probably overly happy for him, but still i feel like this work is such a neat opportunity. It is hard trying to balance it with the area, but we are doing the best we can. 

Something i read in the bible dictionary that i really like was about miracles,it is a natural results of the Messiah’s presence among men. We have spent the week taling about turning hearts. The theory that i have come down to is that it is when you decide to act on the spirit that touches you and it works in such a way that you have no more desire to do wrong (mosiah) Changes like that are so amazing. The lord asks us to change in such a way that we need to be born again. That is so big and i feel honored to be here inviting people to recieve this change, even if they dont completely understand it, they feel it. 

I feel like i am where i need to be. My pensionista is severely depressed with things that have happened in her life and has distanced herself from the church but she said that we are helping her by bringing happiness back to her life. She really opened up to us and i just told her that she has a purpose and that she can still have a happy eternal family. 

I heard from Jorge my first convert who was baptized in october and he wrote me saying that the church is like his second home and it just made my heart so happy because i hadnt heard about him since i left. Prayers are answered , sometimes delayed, but answered. 

As i do all this family history my appreciation for all of you family members has definitely aumented. I hope you know that i love you all and appreciate all the sacrifices you have made to make our family a happy eternal one. Love my three brothers who have taught me how to be fun, how to work and plan, and how to care. Thankful for my parents who have prepard me well to love and serve these people. dad during my interview iwth president he basically just talked to me about golf. Then he said if you beat me i will buyyou a car, what will you give me if i win? I told him i would take him and his wife out to eat at his favorite restaurant so pray that I remember how to play and hit em straight!!! haha seriously i am nervous now. 


Sucess at the Family History Center
Today we moved a house. just took everything out and then moved it around to the other side of her lot. 
pres and sister zobrist trying out the desks of the family history. 

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