Monday, April 20, 2015

back to workkk

BACK TO MOLLENDO and it feels oh so good. It was so weird to be in somebody elses area for more than a week, we were really missing our area. We were able to sleep in the mission home for 2 nights and it was like the best break ever. In the morning we made our own breakfast. I chose to make french toast. and the latinos stuck to their rice haha I learned a lot the last week of faith in the lord and the plan he has for every one of his kids.

So we got back and have just been trying to work hard in the zone again. Walter has his baptismal interview scheduled this week, we will see what happens. He is applying the book of mormon in his life, and says he falls asleep to the hymns. haha what a good guy. 
Bad news is that cristian the kid that wants to go on the mission, told his mom, and his mom kind of made him not so excited about it. Her husband is an alcoholic and crisitan is always protecting her and so he doesnt want to leave her solo. 

Sunday was a very neat experience for me. The teacher of relief society leans over to me and goes, hermanita the woman who was supposed to teach relief society didnt come can you please give the lesson. I read the title and it was on the power of the scriptures. I did something very different than what they ususally do. I wanted everyone to really leave church and be spiritually edified. The only way to get that is for people to listen and share. I invited everyone to read their favorite scripture and WHY. What story does it have for you. Sure enough one by one everyone was sharing their testimonies and people were in tears and it truly was what sunday is all about. PĂ«ople spiritually uplifted to attack another week. I know the scriptures have power and i have loved studying harder than ever these past 8 months. 

cant wait to just work even harder here this next change. It is gonna be awesome! 

Thanks for all your prayers and loves. 

hermana larsen

DyC 100: 12 Therefore, continue your journey and let your hearts rejoice; for behold, and lo, I am with you even unto the end.

mucho amor!! 

pics pics pics!!!

Monday, April 13, 2015

The Civil War Continues

About 5:30 last monday we got a call from the penchonista hurry come back the police are shutting down the road...etc. We went back to the area a little early and began to make our visits. We then got a call from the District Leaders to go back to the room for the night for these Huelgas. Unfortunately, all day tuesday as well were assigned to the room. There were all the people from the valley in the hills making troubble. We went up to the top of the roof and watched the police run these people out. Then the next morning we got a call, you have 30 minutes to pack your things for a week, we are taking everyone out of Mollendo for the Huelga. So this helper of President came in his mini van and we all left mollendo. Things didnt seem to hit me until a few days ago. Basiclaly i feel like a scripture in Alma....

 56 And it came to pass that the curse was not taken off of Korihor; but he was cast out, and went about from house to house begging for his food. 
Although, we arent begging for food, we have been all over arequipa for this week, and we have no idea when or if we will be able to go back. It is sad because we have a baptism planned for this saturday, but we dont know if it will be possible now. I was outwardly showing faith and cheerfulness and that everything would be okay but sometimes i was thinking WHY NOW! Right when we are seeing our area progress and pick up. I then just had to pray that the lord could continue to work in the area even though we couldnt help him. I do know that everything will be okay, and i truly think that we will be able to go back this week. All i can do is trust the lord on this one. 
Had the chance to participate with 2 zones in a musical program and we sang songs of christ. I dont know if it was the spirit of the fact that i hadnt heard someone sing decently for about 8 months but it was truly beautiful. As i was thinking of this situation we have i was just reaffirmed in my belief that Jesus truly came to earth to save all of us and that in his own power raised himself from the dead. He is and can be apart of our lives every single day. 
Have a wonderful week my loved ones.  campaign #prayformollendo
besos y ambrazos
hermana larsen

this computer is a little ghetto so sorry for no week. I do have a bunch. 
Olympus 5th is representing the mission peru arequipa well. We were almost ALL TOGETHEr for the first time (missing hermana Mahas) all is well here!



Happy Easter erryone

Here is different that the good ol USA. There is no bunny who lays eggs of candy or anything. What they do on Friday is everyone eats this soup that is all types of marine animals because you arent supposed to eat any type of meat to honor when jesus was on the cross. Then on sunday for breakfast we had ´´Ressurecion soup´´ Lets just say i really missed the classic German Pancakes haha Also, there are people who act like the savior and have people beat them with whips and it is a disturbing thought to me. I am grateful for a savior and i know i dont have to suffer like him. 

The photos include a service project of building a house ( basically we moved dirt and bricks) but it was so blazing hot and the majority of the time just us gringos were goin hard but we made it a good time by making everything a game. 

Also, had a huge district activity so all the branches could enjoy each others company at the beach. It was fun playing soccer and enjoying others company. 

Conference we had a great turnout of investigators and less actives. 12 to be exact. I was so happy seeing each one just stroll in. I know each one of them heard exactly what they needed to because after we talked with them and it was so sweet to hear what they learned.

Beginning with WALTER, the day before we taught of tithing and fasting, and the first talk of conference eyring hit it out of the park. We asked walter later that evening what he has learned from the past month and he said, i really believe in the book of mormon, and i had questions of why we fast and pay tithing and they were answered in conference. We will see what happens this week, he doesnt want to be baptized too quickly he has a little fear. He is so funny he asked for a hymn book and pictures of the temples and everything. 

CRISTIAN our rock solid resuce! We came to EVERY SINGLE session of general conference. He told us that a few weeks ago his mom wanted him to train in the marines and he went to ask the place when he could join and they said come the following day. Cristian said he prayed and decided that a mission would be better for him. His prayer was reaffirmed in conference in priesthood session listening to the prophet talk of preparing to serve. He will pass the sacrament next week, and as we were filling out more goals we asked when he would want to serve, in a year from now, less? LESS!! 

I remember praying about a month ago to help this branch have a missionary serving, and the lord is responding quicker than i thought. The work is really his. Sometimes, i forget to recognize his hand in everything, but it is nice every week as i write to see all that the lord has prepared to be accomplished. During general conference i was thinking why has nobody mentioned baptism dont they know that there are so many people who arent members listening and then i was like duh almost all mentioned temple marriage and convenants in the temple. That truly is our goal in life, to get and remain in the temple. Baptism is just a step to get on the path. Grateful for temples. Everyone was asking me if i had been to the conference center, we are so blessed. Cant wait to go back. 

I read Helaman 10 and tried to imagine this 

and it came to pass as he was thus pondering inhis heart, behold, voice came unto him saying:
 Blessed art thou, Nephi, fothose things which thou hastdone; for have beheld how thou hast withunwearyingness declared the word, which havgivenunto thee, unto this people. And thou hast not fearedthem, and hast not sought thinown lifebut hast soughtmy willand to keep my commandments.
 And now, because thou hast done this with suchunwearyingness, behold, will bless thee forever; and willmake thee mighty in word and in deed, in faith and inworks; yea, even that all things shall be done unto theeaccording to thy wordfor thou shalt not ask that which iscontrary to my will.

I tried to imagine if i would feel comfortable getting this praise for my work here in Mollendo . There is so much more that i need to do and to pour my heart and sould into this work. At the end of the chapter the people still didnt listen. Sometimes we think our work is in vane because nobody is listening but i was reaffirmed this week when reading that it is OKAY, we are doing what we were called to do and that is what matters!
con amor
Hna Larsen