Monday, September 14, 2015

But I am 20 years old??

Interesting week. AFter moving the house the other week i told my comp that i was unusually tired the past few days and that something was going on with my back. asked her to check it out and she goes oh dear i know what that it. i think you got shingles. I just started laughing BUT I AM 20 YEARS OLD. We went to an internet cafe looked up the symptoms and stuff sure enough it matched up. So long story short I have been cooped up detained from the world here in the mission home for a whole week.

The first few days i didnt sleep much and it got a lot worse. After coming back from the hospital the second time president asked how i was and i just said tired was all. He kinda just goes Larsen just relax everything is good we have a new missionary and etc. everything is working out thanks to the lord so just chill dont stress and i dont really know why but i was so tired after getting a shot and the second trip to the hospital and overwhelmed cause the doctor was all this is going to take 2 to 4 weeks of rest and i was thinking i dont have that kind of time. Anyway when everyone was telling me to not stress i felt like i was more nervous so naturally i started to get teary eyes. That night was a humbling experience. I really had to accept everything and get over the fact that i couldn't beat this dumb shingles thing if i didn't rest. So the following 4 days i slept and slept and watched a few movies. I am feeling a lot better. 


1. I was able to read the WAY TO Be book by Gordon B. Hinckley and I just want to recommit myself to being better. being true. smart. positive. clean. still. prayerful. humble. just everything. Anyway one thing i liked that he said ´´those who look forward with a happy spirit will find that things always work out´´ Being contained to a bed was a good opportunity for me to read many great talks scriptures and books. I truly know that prophets are the mouthpiece of God and they say exactly what we need to be doing. 

2. I was definitely humbled a few days into the whole shingles business that i just really had to pray to the lord. In that prayer i felt like my understanding of christs atonement was broadened and that he truly knew my pain not only physically but just being sad and lonely. It hasnt been fun being by myself while everyone gets to work. Anyway, i just remember more than anything being really grateful for the gospel in my prayer and all the help i was getting. 

3. I know the priesthood power is real and that blessings exercise faith. During part of presidents blessing i felt like dad was giving it to me. 

I guess i dont really know this whole thing happened, i dont feel stress, maybe it is just an exhaugtion thing from my body, but through it all, i do have an even greater desire to be heathly so i can go back and help bring others to the knowlege of the atonement as i have felt it his past week. I am grateful for the knowlege that one day everyone will get the gift of a resurrected body. Can you imagine how amazing that it. and its free. we are all getting one. I have realized how important a functioning healthy body is in all of this work. But in a way, i feel like if we didnt have these moments of pain we wouldnt appreciate it so ya we are grateful here for everything. so that is where i am at. love yáll

Oh we opened the family history center to the public and had an open house for the stakes to just come check it out and it turned out great. Some guy from the 70 came and said that we are the first center in the whole area meaning like peru ecuador bolivia and 2 other countries which is so amazing. he said we are apart of something big and that we will be the example for many others to come, so huge opportunity i am really excited. Many people were able to send names, stake presidents, new members, it was all very beautiful. So i was able to escape on sunday a little to help. 

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