Monday, September 21, 2015

Back to the Real Work

Wednesday and Thrusday I was able to work half days and so got to keep doing my job as far as training in the family history center. Then the weekend it is full blow. I would probably be lying if I said I was 100 percent but it was seriously soo good getting back. We met with a few people i havent seen in awhile and one lesson seriously went as follows: Manuel asks us ´´I have a question, Why do I feel so relieved and good when I read the book of mormon?´´Seriously it was a very beautiful time for me to appreciate seeing people feel things for the first time. 

I was thinking about how Christ was a kid i am sure he didnt quite understand his role as the savior of the world. He was born with all knowlege he learned ´´grace by grace´´ and I feel like he like all of us just wanted to know his purpose and do his fathers will. when we was baptized he heard the fathers voice, who knows maybe for the first time out loud with other people present saying that he was pleased with his son. There have been many times where I have felt like a million bucks because my parents were proud with a way that i acted or served someone. but more than that, there is nothing better than feeling like you have pleased our heavenly father. In many ways i feel like family history has helped me not only find my identity with people in the fam, but my identity as a divine daughter of our heaveylk father. 

Saturday was tough. I just remember feeling so beat and had chills where my rash is and at the same time couldnt stop thinking of how much i wanted to itch it all the time, and so I just kinda pushed through and members were like, hey you dont look good, so i told my comp ya i dont feel too hot right now and she is just awesome and just looked me straight, you need to seriously tell me how you are, your health will impede you from working well if you dont feel well. So i took a 20 minute power nap and the lord seriously blessed us with the rest. 

My bro sent me this quote ´´The atonement is not just to cleanse, but to complete, not just to comfort, but to compensate; not just to liberate, but to lift.´´ he seriously is the best. I know this amazing power is true. I have felt close with the savior and just trust him with all of this even though it is still kinda dumb to me that i got shingles. like fer real i am 20. haha 

The Lord has blessed us in many ways. This is my comps. last week in the mission so it is kinda a wake up call for me to see how lucky it is to be here and that time really does pass by too fast. So I am grateful for my time here. 

Pics include me eating salsa in the mission home. The best members ever that are our neighbors, and getting back to the room. 

Today a member is going to take us to some ``cool places`` and we will pass p day like that!

wahoo to mission wahoo to all of you reading this, hope i havent decined in my skill of emails.... 

peace love blessings

hna. larsen  

tal luegito

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