Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Personal Interview

1 YEAR DOWN and tears have been shed. So normally people tell me they write a big everythign that they have learned in a year but...sorry i am going to talk about his week. just so much.

UCEDA EXPERIENCES-he is the area 70 and a great servant of the Lord
1. So he first talked to the missionaries in Arequipa for 5 hours. What i learned was that there is lots to improve. which is good. We all got to shake his head and tell him our names before the metting. During the meeting I responded to something and he said, gracias hermana larsen. That really surprised basically everyone that he remembered my name. It was a moment to me that i realized that this gospel is personal, like we all know, god knows us by our names, and that was re-emphasized to me in that moment. One thing he asked us to think of is how we are praying. AFter that day I was able to really focus on making my prayers effective and I have seen the blessing that have come from that. 
2. All the leadersof the mission were called yesterday to have another meeting with Uceda. Just so great. He made a great point, he asked why would God call people with no teaching skills to preach the gospel? None of you have had experience teaching. I said, well it is the same with Joseph Smith, he had desires to serve God and God was able to mold him into a prophet. He then proceeded and said excellente ejemplo hermana larsen. He REMEMBERED my name. jsut nuts. He then interviewed 5 people and you called it. It was a great opportunity for me, he told me things that I needed to hear, nad just made me realize that as a missionary i can make promises to people as they strive to do what is right. 

He asked us all about 50 times to repent, at first i was like what in the world but with time i was like duh he just is inviting us to become better, to change. We all need a little of that. If we are comfortable, we arent progressing. 


1. Talking is not Teaching :  People need to see the happiness that his gospel brings us.
2. OLA Orar, Leer, Asistir (pray read and go to church) You cant explain spiritual things. It is so hard to explain to others the spirit. THey way they feel it is by DOING. We learn by experience.

about 50 billion more things but i wont bore you.

I love this work way more that i ever thought. It will never run out which is a good thing :)  #spiritjunkie Ricardo is the father of a recent convert who has come to all activities that we have invited him to and 2 times to church. The coolest part for me was to see how happy his son was to have his dad at church with him. He has never been super religious, or read the bible, but as we teach, we see he is welcoming this way of life with open arms. Grateful for seeing small acts of faith every day. 

SPECIAL NOTE FOR TODDY: you wil be so proud dad, i won in MINI golf against the office elders. Then, at the end when it was the one that in sucks up everyones ball I made it into that little hole that is like 2 centimeters than the ball itself, and won a free game. Thanks for all the practiced, it really payed off. 

got to play football which was fun last p-day.
The group made it to a year
Made pancakes for a family night :) so delicious. it has been awhile. 

love you all prayers comin your way and for baby randy

hna. larsen

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