Monday, July 20, 2015

cosas nuevasssss

Well, heres to new adventures! Seriously such a crazy week. We get to our area in Paucarpata and they closed the area with elders and sent us sisters in. Just imagine elders living and then the sisters coming in, you would think they would clean right? We walked in and didnt want to put anything on the ground until we cleaned. so first stop we went to a store and bought an exagerrated amount of cleaning everything. The bathroom.......sorry to be graphic but like #pukefordays it was so gross. We dont have warm water and it is FREEZING in the morning but we are workin on that. 
But things are awesome because the members and bishopbric are SO excited for us to be there, they have already given us references and so we feel super hopeful. 

Famaily History schtuff
So this week we travel with the president to Ilo and Tacna for zone conferences speaking about how using fmaily history help us in our missionary work. So we work a lot with the mission presidents wife, she is awesome. The hardest part is that we dont get to stay in our area very much and I just know the members and people are ready for people to work hard. We are going to give it our ALL the time that we have in the area. I know this is going to be the hardest challenge for me as I take this on. 

we have already had great experiences though so i am really excited. As we proposed our idea to our mission counsel, as we were teaching I heard president lean over to his wife, I really feel so great about this. We have very limited time to get our plan and talk ready and we were kind of worried this week just trying to think of what points we want to hit on. We said a prayer and just get ur all done in like an hour and it was some of the most enlightening times of my mission. All i can do is pray and hope that it goes out the way the Lord would have it. Basically what we want is that in every lesson we teach, we help everyone understand the importance of family and an eternal perspecitive of temple work, so that we eliminate the idea of baptism and nothing else. THe hardest part of peru is that the families have 3 kids but never get married. and it is a process! but ya so super excited,

Leaving Mollendo was super hard because I seriously had a home there and just tears for days but thats what we do we move on. The hardest part was saying bye to the converts. Walter said, You are like the pillars of the testimony that I have recieved. I trust in you so much and up until now I feel like i trust you more than everyone even my parents. He took his kids to church and just looked so happy. I know that all I can do is pray for these people now cause i wont be close to them. 

The photo with a sister is someone i taught in Miraflores my first area. She now wants to go on a mission. she found out i was coming back to arequipa and came to the terminal to pick me up. Her mother is Nilda i dont know if you remember her but she is going to the TEMPLE. now that is true joy. I love this work. 

check the food. that will give you a status on my bathroom situation...lolz 

lots of love please pray for me this week as we teach the mission. yikes. 

besitos y abrazos

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