Monday, October 5, 2015

Just Grateful is all :)

So this week we finished ALL the conferences and we are just really happy that it all turned out a success. Only 1 day the internet was a little bleh but we made it through. so wahoo we had to pat ourselves on the back and all. 

One of my favorite moments this week was a lesson with a less active that is reactivating. So when we first met her every lesson we had she would be very emotional and tearsfordayz type but this last time we went she was super optimistic and truly happy. We asked her what is different what has changed for you and she said that she still has the same problems and still doesnt have answers for where to work or anything but that she understands the things that are most important. she is beginning to pay tithing again and has goals to go to the temple. More than anything I was just so grateful to see her change and her countenance is just much more radiant. I love seeing these changes in peoples lives. 

As i was studying my mind was focusing on the story of the woman who said if i could but just touch his robes i will be healed. upon exercising faith she was healed. But she tried to kind of sneak away, and christ asked Who has touched me. Of course he knew who it was but he was providing a chance for her to kind of own up to her action. what he knew is that she would feel better about it knowing htat it was also the Will of Christ to heal her. So I feel like she felt better after that even though she had already been healed. She needed that confirmation of knowing that it was also the lords will. 

So this week as far as shingles goes i have been taking half days on orders from president to work and it has been good, i am slowly making my way back into things. So he watched the womens conference with us saturday night haha that is that picture. also, I have been putting a lot of cream to calm the itchiness so thigns are good, dont worry about me, i will get there 100% soon. 

My awesome companion goes home this week which is always sad, she is  avery strong missionary and powerful in her teacing. It is always a reminder when people go home just how lucky it is to be here. I want to appreciate every day I have here and try to just focus on these people. Love them and help them discover the way to use the gospel in their lives. My testimony has grown stronger and gone deeper in me every day. All I can say is that I AM SO EXCITED FOR GENERAL CONFERENCE. When we come prepared to recieve guidance we will hear the lord speaking directly to us. this i know. have a super good week. hit em straight in st. george. Hit some ``riders`` avoid those one four letter words.. jhaha 

cant wait to golf. president came up to me the other day. Hna. Larsen I just bought golf vitamins i am so excited. they are coming in one week. He said that they are to keep you focues and it connects your neurons to your muscle reaction or something anyway, it was just really funny. Good guy. 

so keep em in the fairway

also another fun this week. A member from mollendo came to my church sunday to come see me and it was just so fun to see. 

All the shingle ladies are doin just fine. 

hna. larsen

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