Monday, July 20, 2015

Noche Blanca

I have no idea how, but every week feels like one long day and at the same time a year haha so much happens when you are in the mission.

For starters it was bb gurls birthday so i arranged a little party with the pench and all the missionaries came over for lunch. We also had the baptism of 2 AMAZING people for la noche blanca. We had 2 from our branch and 3 from another. It was so special and the church was FULL! Originally there was just going to be one of the baptism testify and share but aylin looks at me and goes, i want to talk so i sent her up there. She is so brave, she is 9 years old and her testimonmy was rockin. she said ´´i feel as if god opened the path to heaven for me´´ and ´´now that i am mormon i want to continue gods example´´ she is such a little angel, i feel lucky to know her and be apart of her life for a little bit. The next one was Juan Roque his mom has been contra since we began teaching him and works from 5 am. until 8 p.m. and so we can never see her but god is grand and we talked with her the night before his baptism. Seriously it was so powerful. She expressed all of her concerns and at the end i just felt like it wasnt anything against the church she was just worried for his son and didnt want him to mess up after a baptism. He is 19 and was concerned that he couldn´t live up to the standards of a christian life. At the end she asked is he realy prepared? The spirit was so strong and we testified of the change that we have seen in him, that he has stopped drinking coffee and tea because it is a commandment of god, that he will bless this home and all those found in it. By the end we asked her for her support, that she can remind him to go to church every sunday, and she said that she would ask her boss to come to the baptism. Unfortunately...she couldn´t come, but he was so happy either way. 

When nefi has to go back to get the plates the first 2 attempts dont work out. I am always inspired by his faith and perseverance and trust in the lord that he will really provide a way to accomplish what he asks. There is a part where he mentions how god helped moses. I could see right then, that he was confident in the lord because he knew the stories of the prophets of old, he knew the scriptures and how god helps his children. When we study gods work in the scriptures it provides a way for us to find solutions to our problems and weaknesses that we have.

We are trying to focus now in the branch in the members testimonies and mostly in the leadership, because it is a little frustrating some of the things that just never get done even though we keep on their tails. I swear, if i have grey hair at a young age, i will put the blame on this time of my life ahah i sleep walk and talk of ways to help this branch of mollendo. it is a little behind the other ones here in the district, but we will catch up little by little. love and patience is all it takes right? 

have a wonderful week. hasta luegito

hna larsen

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