Monday, July 20, 2015

Adios a mi juventud hola 20´s :(

If i am real dont have much to report this week. All the children of god we are teaching dont really have desires to be married even though they have kids so we are kindof in this stage haha

Remember Walter? He was baptized inlikea pool/ocean thing? ya so his dad is SUPER less active and we went to go visit walter and normally the dad just kind of says he isnt here leave. but this time he goes hey sister larsen i dont agree with your president of your country permitting gay marraige because pretty soon other countries are going to follow the example of america. We are going to lose the idea of family and children.....´´I just looked at him and said hey I agree with you and so does the Lord and we started chatting and this sunday him and his wife came to church it was like so cool. Who would have thought that the passing of this law would form a way for a lost child to go back to church. Still love america. hope yáll enjoyed some nice BBQ. seriously though #starsandstripes4eva I blasted star spangled banner in the morning like 5 timesin a rowand my comp just laughed. She thinks im cray. but i mean what i say she is right. 

This will be the last week with my best Ecuadorian friend EVA. super sad. it will be hard if i stay or if i go. I will leave that with the next email. I love all the members here just trying to help them the best way i can. The branch president asked after fast and testimony meeting ´´hna larsen are you leaving? You are staying until Feb. right?´´ i just laughed and then he asked me to please teach the chorister how to lead the hymns haha talk about tone. deaf. jk. but ya it will be quite fun. 

This week i feel like i learned a lot on adversity and the purpose it plays. Adveristy is used in our lives by god to continue to test us and make our faith stronger. IT is the way that we react to situations little and big that help us strenghten the way we use our agency. Like nefi in the bok of mormon the Liahona worked according to his faith and diligence. All we can do is keep our eye on our savior and have the firm hope of the blessings that come from keeping our covenants and keeping the commandments. When we understand that they are a sure way to secure eternal life we will happily submit to this advice from the lord. Now fight those daily battles with reading the word of god. luh you so much! 

lord loves ya and i do too
pray for our prophet that he may be filled with inpsiration for our 2 new apostles 

pics pday from last week
i cut bb girls hair

aghhh i am gonna be old now!!!! No matter what i do i will still be 8 at heart. jake is evidence of that am i right? 

que les vaya bien

hna larsen

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