Monday, July 20, 2015

Los Templos son maravillosos

First and foremost HAPPY FATHERS day to the greatest guy out there TODD RANDY LARSEN. 

Second hand news, Peru oficially has 2 temples. wahoo The temple dedications were bomb because 1. uchtdorf and bednar both spoke and 2. the recent converts were able to go. I put a foto of Alipio in his SUIT haha he is awesome. I just sat in there and was blown away at their talks. Bednar talked a ton of finding people to do these ordinances. he said we are blessed to have temples to bring salvation to everyone. we need to do these things for OUR dead. not THE dead. OUR DEAD. I got thinking and it makes sense. They still need to accept these ordinances, and if it were me, i would probably accept them more whole heartedy if it were my great great great great grand-daugther too. I felt again, the spirit of the temple. Just like we wnat to be together forever, God has that plan too, that we can all be with him. We have a great father in heaven. I hope we could all think of him this last week.

There was a time this week when i felt sick to my stomach because and i was thinking that i really needed to change my way of thinking towards the branch and was seriously hurting. I just prayed to the lord asking for help with my weaknesses and that i wanted to be a better disciple. I felt a calming and that the lord placed and i didnt feel sick anymore. I have realized that i am super weak, but i want to try to be better one day at a time, with this weakness, and with the help of the lord i will be made stronger. 

okay, everyone. Everything here is solid, poops included. so i am good. Do you remember Carlos? The guy who comes and goes every 15 days? well he came back last week and he is going to be baptized this saturday! He is so prepared i cant believe it. We accidently forgot to tell him this sunday that there wouldn´t be sacrament for the dedication of the temple for those members who have reccomends and so he came and then sent a message to us saying ´´hey what happend, why arent they letting in a future mnember of the church´´ i felt so bad. We taught of tithing temples and he just keep saying I want you to know of my testimony. The elder that gave him his interview for baptism asked him the first questions like Do you believe in God and Jesus Christ and then Carlos just basically went off and said of course and i feel of their love because they called a prophet joseph smith to restore the gospel and that today we hear from apostles and profets who guide us. He is just awesome. Lots of reasons to be happy. 

This week, my companion just looks at me and goes, you are crazy.
It is the same old me, not glorified, but still trying to be a good girl

now go give dad a hug for me, erryone

love, sister blister

hermana larsen

p.s. i made pancakes this week. they were bomb. 

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