Monday, July 20, 2015

family history whaa??

First thanks for ALL and i mean ALL the birthdya wishes. Today i spent all my time reading ahah

The activity for family history was kinda funny. I had an idea of how it would turn out in my head, well me and my companion and it turned out completely different. The youth didnt pull through in the way we thought. the stories changed, people bailed, small assitance. for the whole district there was less than 100 people. but NOW let me tell you those who did go felt the spirit and it worked out the way that the LORD wanted. IF there is one thing i learn over and over again is that the lord works in mysterious ways. Like during one of the talks, the girl was like telling a story of a girl whose uncle died and that we ahve to wait to do baptisms for the dead until we know for sure that they have died. haha lolz luv hre church in peru. tha bomb diggity.k luvs

well i have a change. I am headed back to arequipa and have kinda a cray calling. I dont understand it exactly but I am going to be a traveling sister or something in charge of family history hahahahahaahah lolz for realz the lord knows why. I hope i can hel pin the smallest way possible. 

hna larsen

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