Monday, July 20, 2015

Mine elect hear my voice and harden not their hearts


So this past saturday as we remembered the death of our prophet Joseph Smith on the 27th of June, we had a nother NOCHE BLANCA. One of our investigadors was baptized a member of the church. They gave time to the 4 converts if they wanted to share and Carlos was the first and inspired the rest to come up and share. He said that the spirit has come to his heart, and has changed him. He said I thanks the sisters for sharing me words of wisdom. Do you remember him? He is the guy that comes for 15 days to Mollendo, then has to go back to Lima, then comes back. When we came out of the water, he was super reflective and I could feel his gratitude for this special ordinance.

The branch is getting SO much stronger. We have dedicated more time to the branch and are seeing a lot of improvement. The branch president asked me, Hermana larsen do you have changes this week, I said no, and he said, oh please I hope you stay til you finish your mission. haah IT made me feel good. He walked into the office and I was typing out the visiting teaching lists for the relief society pres. and he was just the happiest guy. Alipio who was baptized a month ago said, Hermanas why cant you just stay until youre grandmas. haha I thought that was so cute. Also, the pic i sent last week with MAricruz she asked, hna larsen how am i going to be in contact with you, can you make me an email? 

happies of the week:
1.  I was typing up the visiting teaching lists and I heard ´´buh buh da dum da bom bom. i{m going out tonight i am feeling alright...´´ I just stopped and was like wut. Someone was listeinign to shania twain!! I wanted to hug the member but it was a man so. there is that. 

2. Divisions with Hna. Klingler, we visited this cute old member by her field. She is a keeper and has the sweetest laugh. We also sang America the Beautiful

3. President and his wife came again to Mollendo.


heard about the legalized gay marriage. 

Wherefore the decree hath gone forth from the Fatherthat they shall be gathered in unto one place upon the faceof this land, to prepare their hearts and be prepared in allthings against the day when tribulation and desolation aresent fortupon the wicked.
 For the hour is nigh and thday soon at hand when theearth is ripe; and all the proud and they that do wickedlyshall be as stubbleand will burn them up, saith the Lordof Hosts, that wickedness shall not be upon the earth;
 10 For the hour is nigh, and that which was spoken bymine apostles must be fulfilled; for as they spoke so shall itcome to pass;

I lovethe scriptures. I still love America. It was prepared from the Lord. I was reading in 1 Ne. when it talks of the apostacy and the restoration of the gospel. It astounds me to think that Nephi knew everything that was going to happen in our day, the lords plan was to save their history for us. We have so much to thank the lord and the prophets for. I decided in that moment as i was reading to pray and ask if it was true, and it just made sense in my mind and i felt the spirit. Things of the church of God make sense, he established 1 true church. 
I loved that the general conference in October was all on listening to the words of the prophet and apostles, then in April the majority was on families and marriage. They know what is coming, just trust in them. 
Luv u all. CELEBRATE BIG FOR THE 4th of JULY i am going to make the zone sing the star spangled banner or somethign. Merica

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