Thursday, June 11, 2015

la obra continua

1. Finished the BOM in spanish this week, and i have taken moroni´s challenge and pray to ask if it is true in spanish and ... I am still waiting for the answer....jk ya it is true even in spanish. hah I really do know that many prophets testified opf a redeemer that would come and pay for our sins, and that our path that we need to continue is simple. just believe in god and in his son jesus christ and act accordingly.

2. Our branch council is little by little getting more efficient but this last week i just had one of the worst laugh attacks of my life ( almost like the one in the arizona temple larsen fam) and the counselor was talking to the primary president. I looked behind and the president of the branch had his head down on the bench in front of him like some people in sacrament. And I just started laughing haah the poor guy is just trying to get things along without priesthood power here.

3. Pres. Zobrist came down for interviews. He is just such a great guy and i feel like every time i talk with him a little i just feel like we have so many reasons to be cheerful.

4. My district leader is probs one of the best i have had so far in the mission. He started a lesson that got me thinking the whole week. Whats the difference between pleasure and happiness. For me i am the most happy when i can get into my bed at night thinking ya i did everything i could have possibly done today to serve the lord. Happiness is effort.

5. Just for fun: My comp told me this week as we were turned out the lights ´´good night my best friend´´ her english is getting so good!

6. I love a good fast and testimony meeting.  A less active we have been teaching has plans to get married to the father of her baby. We´ve taught them about 4 times and he ALWAYS works on sundays and when we visited them saturday night he said there was no way he could come on sunday but....he came and they blessed their baby. Also, the wife or our rescue luis angel and his children came as well. The spirit was there and after i talked to his wife (sidenote: she has been present in every single lesson of luis angel for the past 5 months and doesnt want to come to church because she wants to be sure if it is true) cray i know. anyway, i talked with her after and she had tears streaming down her cheeks. I just looked at her and said, this is the spirit hermana. She hugged me and said, we will talk tomorrow. haha  by small and simple things great things come to pass. Walter the recent convert also told us after that he wanted to share his testimony but jsut got scared haah we all know how scary it is sometimes. 

IT is SOOO hard every week to try and explain the whole week, but i just want you to know that this work has never been stronger. the church will only grow stronger and stronger. President Zobrist, was telling me that everyone needs to be truly converted, because we are fighting against powers that will only grow strong er in the next 10 years. 

may we all fight the good fight, and pray to recieve guidance from above!!

We got to go to the baptism of daniella the daughter of our old penchionista. She is so so beautiful!! 

other photos include a parade wher i just had to take a few photos that us larsens would take haha 

´´this is the greatest season of the history of the restored church and we get to live it, we get to be here´´elder bednar quotiing gordon b hinckley.  

We have AWESME plans for the next week, stay tuned!

Zack i feel your presence here in peru bud. luh u! 

sorry for being so scatterbrained. 

oh i forgot great news about the pench
her daughter was baptized about a year ago but moved up north. she told us how she completely changed and really really opened up to us. we told her that she could have that happiness in her life as well and then she pointed to the room of her husband and said that he is the difficulty. She has gone to many activities in the church and has had many quetions about the temple, i know that we have stayed here to try and help her. She is our extra mother here and i know that she sees something different in the church. AGHGHH everything ROCKS!!!!

les amo demasiado! 

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