Monday, December 29, 2014

What is in Water here?

NAVIDAD en Peru>>Navidad en Utah

Alright erryone lemme tell you about my week:

I ate enough paneton to feed all the Juans here in Peru.

At 12:00 I watched the whole city light up in fireworks and screams of a Feliz Navidad. I had tears in my eyes cause the sight was so beautiful! 
The family i was with opened their few gifts and then after they talked of how blessed they were to have these things and turned into a testimony thanking their heavenly father. I was so happy and just grateful to pass this time with these humble people. It was such a beautiful night. 

The next day I got to SKYPE and cry and laugh with my family. luh u all.
That night we got to carol at the plaza and ERRYONE was gathered around just clapping and listening. After we contacted all of them and then that was Christmas! 

So yesterday in church is principles of the gospel class which is where all converts and investigators attend, the preacher was telling about the second coming meanwhile one of the specials was asking questions and didnt stop talking and the other one heard that our ward was having a party for the new years and starts singing, A new year has come around...haha the poor mission leader had to take a break from the class it was quite funny, but through it all i really think this experience has helped me see the worth of every soul. Before the mission i seriously had a fear of talking with people with disabilities, i dont know why exactly and honestly i felt bad, but now I know that you just need a little patience and the love of christ and everything will be good. 

Yesterday i just looked at Jorge and was thinking. He has changed SO SO much and i am so happy i can be here to witness it. His countenance has changed. I never understood when people would testify of seeing someone the light in their eyes change, but I truly have seen him change. He is so much happier. AGHH I just love teaching him. Also, a man named salvador wasn't my convert, but we are teaching him, and now he was stopped drinking and says that because he is the head of the family, he needs to be able to habe the spirit to direct the Family Home Evenings. How cool is that. 

I wish so badly you guys could witness some of the experiences here. The laughs of the locitos and schizophrenic and the tears of people who realize the blessing of the atonement. 

loves loves

xoxo hna larsen

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