Monday, December 29, 2014

It doesn't look like Christmas…but it feels like Christmas

The desert of Arequipa is getting a little hotter erry day.

I dont have much to say except that i did witness a miracle for christmas. A less active that we have been meeting with since i got here came to church for the first time in YEARS! She is so sweet and want to have her whole family come to church again!

PANETON: everyone and their dogs are feeding us paneton and literally dont accept no as an answer. it is a huge part of the culture for the navidad to give out hotchocolate and paneton. 

MY NEW COMP: Hna Olana is awesome. I have learned a lot from her teaching style and i lover her. 

SECRET SANTA: one thing that i am so so excited for is we are giving a huge christmas to a family who has nothing and it is secret! We bought pillows and plates and real forks and other things and games for the kids. i cant wait to hear about their christmas from them! 

So excited to skype the fam! I will talk to you soon and a lot better lolz. 

xoxo Hna. Larsen

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