Friday, December 12, 2014

He is the Gift

As for the subject of my email. GO WATCH THE VIDEO. like right now. Tears of the spirit when i watched it. I am so excited to watch this video with all the people that we are teaching, i know that it will help them have a christmas centered on Christ. Fun culture note: They celebrate at midnight here and have a feast and fireworks and also open presents at midnight. Also, they have a chocolate fountain and celebrate. But anyways, we have been sharing the video and have been finding many people this way. 
We have been looking for new investigators who are interested, and i am so thankful for the opportunity i have to just talk with anyone. 

WEDDING BELLS: We helped our zone leaders plan a wedding and it was in the chapel and it was just so fun. While we were setting everything up I was just laughing way hard dancing to all the music they were pumpin cause it was just me and another sister. Probably one of the funnest times i have had so far in the mission. I wished we could have danced with everyone but rules are rules. They played american party music and it was just a good break from spanish. hah Right after they were baptized and it was a very sweet experience. Right after the wedding we helped members make cinnomon rolls and saltenas for their relief society show in the stake and then I was a lion for the talent show :) SO SO SO FUN. erryone wanted pics with the leoncita! The church here is so different it is so cool, everyone is like little kids and just work so hard for the skits and stuff. 

JORGE CHAVEZ: We have a list of people to find in the ward that are less active. Went to this persons house and this old ancient man came out and we ask for the guy that is less active. and he doesnt live there. but then Jorge goes, hey you guys are mormon, i want to talk to you. He is so amazing and wants to introduce us to his neice. 

PERROS: My comp and I were running down a street and this dog came out from nowhere and started running straight for me barking and naturally i screamed really loud and just about peed my skirt because i refuse to use many bathrooms here. anyway, my comp started laughing SO hard and then i did we couldnt stop for a long time. 

JELLY BEANS: Refer to the picture below of the warning label. Saw this label while me and a few others were eating them, we laughed way hard. Then, the next day we shared experiences. Luckily it didnt affect me like it did them. Just want to warn you, if you eat these jelly beans, start with 8 beans. LOL  

Love the mission. I love christmas. I love llamas. I love my family members here. (dont worry they could never replace the Larsens) I love sharing my testimony 50 times a day. I love missionary work.


xoxo alex larsen

also laughed way hard that 10 sisters got together and had a mini conference. what did we do you may ask? sewed christmas socks! hahah inside my head i was just like if my brothers were here. So this is what the sisters do. Bless their hearts. 

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