Monday, December 29, 2014

The Zone bites the Dust

CRAZY changes in the zone this week. One of the gringos dropped about 10 pounds in a week and after many tests went home Friday cause he had Diabetes. It was a shock for many but he and his family took it really well. It was really hard on the zone, everyone was sad, especially because half of our zone left finishing their missions. Turns out rice, bread, and soda aren´t very good foods for people with Diabetes....starches for dayz. 

My companion is leaving today, so we have been running around the ward saying goodbye to people. She was here for 6 months and had a lot of trust with the ward, i hope that i can continue working well with everyone even though she will be gone. I am mostly nervous for a few people that are less active that she has a really good relationship with. I just want to be able for them to continue progressing even though she is gone.  One thing that did make me happy though is one of my favorite members came up when she found out about the changes and goes, thank heavens you arent leaving, you are my favorite. haha I love teaching and helping others, I pray that i will be able to lead the area well. I will miss hearing her chow down my goodies, teaching her solid english phrases, and just giggling in these crazy streets with her. 

MIRACLE OF THE WEEK: Elisabeth is pregnant and was recently married which is just SO rare. So she told me I did what you explained for me to do, pray specifically about being baptized, and i had a dream and I was reading in the bible in a specific verse that i forgot...and it talked about following Jesus.. How cool is that? she couldnt come to church this week because she was pretty sick BUT hopefully the next week so she can continue progressing. 

CRAZY OF THE WEEK: Some random came up to us on the street asked what he needed to do to be baptized. So i said well we can teach you all about that and you need to go to church and stuff then he just started rambling that his girlfriend was baptized and realized it was a huge mistake and wants her name taken off the records of the church. Meanwhile, i still thought he wanted to be baptized until he said...´´your church is the reason bad things are happening in the world. When I have more economic power, i will do all i can do destroy your church.´´ Crazy right? My comp. had tears in her eyes as the guy stormed off and i just couldnt help but to laugh a little. 

Every day I study the restoration of the gospel, the deeper my testimony goes inside of me of the simple truths that The Church of Jesus Christ of LatterDay Saints was restored by a prophet. That is is the same church and teachings Jesus taught when we was on the earth. We have the authority of god on the earth. 

FUNOF THE WEEK: We had ANOTHER wedding to plan this week and it was awesome. She asked me to sing and i practiced it a lot and then when we got there the USB didnt work with the program that the DJ had so....whoops. The song is really cool Te Voy Amar. It was fun to prepare for haha spanish love songs so perff. 

I love sharing the christmas message this holiday season. I am excited to help others have a christmas centered on what really matters. Prepare to see a fat alex on skype because they eat a ton of chocolate and every member for christmas wants to give things to us missionaries. Paneton specifically. It is interesting. Gummy fruits in dry bread and they LOVE it. haha 
Dont really know the plans for Christmas yet, but one day when I have time, I will find out! Love you all.

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