Sunday, December 7, 2014

Surprises Surprises

How is the snow my friends in the grand ol Salt Lake? I am just busy sweating in this internet cafe! It isn´t too bad, just jealous of all the skiers and everyone getting ready for the season! So this week we spent about 3 days hustling and bustling around the city with Juan and Ursula trying to figure out the laws of the land for them to be married. But.......turns out they probably shouldnt be married cause uhmm well ya both have mental problems and one has a certain disease that prohibits civilly to be married, I am sure you can figure out...I didnt understand much of diseases and stuff in spanish but ya it was a little disappointng, but we did absolutely all that we could for them, and now we are off to find new investigators. This day was THANKSGIVING can you believe it?! I felt so bad though, because

On a happier note, I love the mission. haha I am very grateful for my companion, for all my friends and fans that wrote me notes for thanksgiving and christmas. Muchas Gracias! 

This week I was assigned to play the piano for the chorus and stuff like that and during practice and stuff i just started boogeying around and this one member who is super old just started dancing and everyone was super happy and I was just bein weird and after that experience I gained so much confidence with members and some even came up to us and gave us a time they could work with us. The more spanish I learn, the easier it is to show my personality, the more I can joke around, and the better I can understand the people we teach, but the most powerful moments are truly when I feel the spirit give me ideas of what i need to say. I know they feel it too. It is so cool, cant even explain. 

We had a mini cambio and I was with the other gringo for about 4 hours after we taught piano to some members, and our pench goes, wait, they are going together? haha but, we did great, and our spanish really has come a long way. 

Fun of the week: After recieving a package of straight JUNK FOOD me and my comp ate some before bed and it was a mistake. We were giggling and had so much energy it was insane we were just playing around and couldnt sleep. yes i am 4 yrs old. got a tummy ache from eating candies. 

I feel like I am getting comfortable, which means there will mostl likely be a change in store in the next transfer. Not area, but companions and who knows maybe i will train. crazyy. loco. 

Grateful for my health. Only gringo that isnt sick #blezzed #dragonisincave 
While i am talking about health i will say sometime more about bathroom talk. I prayed while on the toilet to thank for a SOLID time. haha get it?

I most definitely am getting fat, but today this crossgaurd that is always outside our pench told me i have lost weight and need to neat 4 breads and 2 bananas for breakfast from now on. 

I LOVE PERU! I love my ward. love all you family and friends. 

Juan told me that every morning he prays for me and my family, so know that there are others praying for you! 

Hna. Larsen

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