Wednesday, November 26, 2014

El Dia de Grac

I AM GRATEFUL FOR MY MISSION! Seriously, everyday I am more grateful for the opportunity i have to serve these humble peruvians and serve God. I am happy here and happy with my companion happy with not knowing exactly what is going on in this crazy spanish desert, and happy with the people who sincerely want to learn of the gospel. 

Weekly quote: ´´A donde vas mi gatita´´ That means where are you going my kitty? Then, the next day a taxi driver asked me which of my parents was the cat? Sidenote:They call people with green eyes cats. I know, gross. cats. bleh but it was prretty funny. 

We have had some funny experiences this week. For 1 my comp was studying outside on the roof cause our room is really cold in mornings and the phone ring so i answered and was walking outside so she could hear the message too and the wind blew the door shut. Long story short, we were locked out on our roof for awhile and we were laughing ad just had a good time even though it was a bad situtaion. One thing I have learned a lot of in the mission, is just to laugh at things and enjoy even the not so great moments. Getting mad or frustrated doesnt help anyone or anything. 

We are doing a talent show in our stake and I am a Lion with hna. Klinger other gringo and I dont know why but when we were practicing I was so slap happy that we were lions, tears of laughter!!

Now to the work...
Fany:Latest on her...I asked why she likes having lessons with us and she said, I never knew things like the prophet and commandments like the word of wisdom and I know that these things are from god. I felt something when I went to church that I have never felt before and i just want to continue learning. We are trying all we can to contact her parents so she can be baptized, but they NEVER come to Arequipa. so we might take a day trip to where they live...we will see.

Juan y Ursula: The other day we went to their house and Ursula comes running out bawling and just huggin me and saying Hermanita larsen the rest in spanish sobs that I couldnt quite this moment I just prayed over and over that I could be the comfort that she needed. I think everything is okay now...she is OCD and is scared of marrying Juan cause she doesnt want to be a burden to him. But they came to stake conference and she said I feel peace that I havent had in a long time. I love helping people. We are going to try all we can to help the mwith their health problems. 

President Zobrist and Hermana Zobrist are so funny we got to hear from them in our stake conference and they are seriously amazing. luh my mission. THANKS TO ALL MY FANS BACK HOME! THANKS FOR THE PRAYERS! I AM HAPPY DONT WORRY ABOUT ME! 

Plz eat a plate of delish turkey and potatoes for me! Much appreciated. 

hna. Larsen

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