Saturday, October 4, 2014

arequipa vida

Well i am in arequipa and am doing well, havent really cried just a little during a prayer which is good. prayer is awesome. teaching is awesome and i am understanding a lot of what is said just cant reciprocate but i make do and just smile and nod my way through. we had a service project and basically sandpapered walls for 4 hours, thanks for showing me how to use a little elbow grease dad! oh my before we wenti was in my appropriate knee lenght shorts and my comp was telling me we have to wear pants cause of those white things we wear cant be seen and i said if my shorts cover its fine right and she called the elders and in my head i was like nooooo we cant be those sister missionaries who ask everything but in the end i was happy cause they said of couse i could wear shorts. Anyway this man we were helping is a recent convert and we meet with him often but last night his daughter came out when we knocked in tears cause he had relapsed and was drunk and all we could do was testify that the savior knows what is happening and how to help him it was really sad though because he was at church paying his fast offerings and looking sharp in his suit. The fast and testimony meeting was awesome because it was like everyone ran up to the podium cause so many people just wanted to share their simple feelings they didnt need a grand connection or story which i think is what matters.
my penchinista (cook) is the bomb and makes real good food. something funny is that for dinner they jsut have like a banana orange and cup of yogurt haha but we feast hard at lunch.
i get whistled at multiple times a day good confidence boost. but one time a bus passed us and threw water and us and it made me way happy haha

all is well love you all lots. love you more than all the dirt granuals

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