Sunday, September 28, 2014

Landed on Mars...i mean Arequipa

Holy cow I am actually in my mission right now it is unreal. When we were landing on the plane i looked out the window and it honestly looked like we were about to land on mars with huge craters of dirt and rocks but the rocks turned out to be little houses it is kind of funny. Mom you might be sad to know that Arequipa is one of two places in the world without an ozone so that means skin cancer for my face. Just kidding i will put sunscreen on i promise. I was really nervous, like really nervous i am sure you could tell from the phonecall. We met the mission president and his wife and visited the temple site that the temple will be built on. The church just bought the final pice of land (73rd) lot so it will be really pretty.

They lined all the new missionaries on one side facing the window and then said one two three and when we turned around our new companions were standing behind us. it was super intense. GUESS WHAT Mitch Deiderich and I are in the SAME STAKE! so crazy, tender mercies are real. My companion is Hermana Canasa and she has been here for 3 months knows no english and i will be her first training experience but here it goes haha. I really like her so far it is just a little overwhelming already but i know with the lords help i will be okay. 

I didnt sleep well last night. like at all. i think i got to bed around 4 and then woke up at 6:20 for the day. One of the first things my comp said to me was do you like to run and in my head i was like ohhhh nooooo latinas arent supposed to like that stuff. so we went on a run this morning. But once we started i felt a lot better and then she was done in literally 5 minutes haha so we are perfect for eachother.

I was overwhelmed yester and kept thinking how in the world am i going to do this and then today while i was studying in D and C 6 it said something like do not fear or something towards the end and so i am going to be just fine hopefully! love you thanks for your prayers I sure need them!!

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