Monday, October 13, 2014

Que Pasa

que pasa? well arequipa is pretty chill city life. I am in Mira flores and it the plaza de armas is in my zone so we are going to go see that today for pday! my house is pretty nice but there is this pillow that we kneel on to pray and it is just like chuck full of hairs, so i dont use it.  I love pday cause i feel like a normal person but only until 5 haha. Last pday we played volleyball and futbal and let me tell ya i had the worlds best spike of my entire life!! I know you guys would be proud, i was in the middle of playing soccer and they go we need help and my first touch to the ball was my spike. it was laughing real hard.
Angela-this woman is in her 60s and wants to be baptized but the person she has been living with forever is married to another woman and she didnt think papers meant much until now so pray for the other woman to go through with the divorce...i said the prayer and after i said amen i look up and angela is still in praying position so i say amen again and then i look at my comp and were like uno dos...tres. AMEN! then she woke up.
RESCUE- when a less active comes to church it is called rescuing and honestly so far has been one of my favorite things about the mission. rolando served a mission and hasn't really felt a need to come to church and is a little lost. We had a lesson with him on the atonement and that has been the highlight of my mission so far. While my comp was talking i wasn't really listening whoops but thinking of the scripture in alma 7 11, 12 which talks about what the savior went through and then my comp passed the time to me and i asked how have you felt the love of god and it was straight silent for 4 minutes. i thought they didnt understand my spanish for at least the first 2 minutes but the spirit was so strong that words weren't needed. i bore my testimony of the savior and how much he means to me and then asked the question again and the parents of rolando told me they felt the love of god in that moment. The dad said i know you feel like you cant speak spanish but we feel your language of faith. and now that is what i will call the girft of tongues, when the language is a feeling and not words.
We have 2 investigators jorge y persi but persi is 11 and the mom wont let him be baptized and jorge has a date forthe 18! He always asks questions about the priesthood and i swear he wants that more than to be baptized.
We were looking for a woman and asked a few people on the street if they knew her...naturally we talked about the gospel and asked their names and one guy goes MY NAME IS SATAN. i probs shouldnt think that is funny but i laughed anyway.
This week was hard, but the experience with rolando outweighs it all. saturday we walked from 12 to 9 in the heat cause none of our visits were there but all is good in the hood. 

sometimes i get really frustrated when i cant contribute or need to ask something to my comp and we cant communicate but hey i signed up for this right?

les amo mucho
xoxohna larsen

pics. saw this nappy cat onthe road
           first package,couldnt even wait to take a picture before i ruined the label

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