Monday, October 13, 2014

Week of Conferences

This week we had lots of conferences and meetings. President Zobrist and others in the office taught for over 4 hours. There is a new rule for all missionaries that you need to teach laws and ordinances like temple service and family history before baptism, because too many times we just have baptisms and not conversions. this was perfect for me to hear because long story short we have an investigator Jorge who has a date for this saturday but i havent felt like he really was humbled or was prepared to make this commitment. but....we met with him that night and he said he has changed a lot since he started coming to church which is perff.  we will see what happens!

THE PACKAGE: wow. even before the day began i was the happiest i had been in a while and didnt know why. then, when i got the package i was happier than harry potter when hagrid told him ¨¨Yer a wizard √°rry¨¨ for realz on cloud nueve. Special thanks to all those who had a letter in there, tears of joy at night reading all of them.

My health....well lets just say this week i have been grateful that i have never really been the girl to be embarassed of things the body can do.  A lot of people have a fear of pooping when other people are around in the restroom. I think heavenly father knew i would be fine here for this reason. I didnt know a body was capable of making such ungodly noises but i have no shame whatsoever. I am doing much better now though. Thanks for the prayers, they are much appreciated.

FANY!! This girl is 13 years old and we have taught her 2 times and she has already shared scriptures in the book of mormon with a friend and asks questions like how can i be better and who is moroni.  She was able to come to conference ( hallelujah) #blessed. First speaker was Elder Anderson who spoke of joseph smith and the restauration of the gospel. #doubleblessed She said afterwards, It was so beautiful and this conference answered a lot of my doubts and questions. Now I know that joseph smith actually did see heavenly father and jesus christ and that moroni was a prophet in the americas. \people like this are the reason i love being here in Arequipa.

Struggles> hmmm some days i dont talk much which isnt like me and then i get bugged at myself. some days the little things bother me, but everytime i have things like this happen i am just grateful to pray. like 100 times a day. at least. I felt like my spanish decreased this week which is something that probably needed to happen to push me to be better this week. 

Watching conference made me alittle homesick for a nap after the afternoon session, but we went to work and met Ivan. Who is a friend of Rolando the less active we have been teachign. We taugh just about everylesson because he asked questions for straight 2 hours. it was awesome. smiles so big our cheeks hurt. everything from the law of tithing to kingdoms of glory. he even asked what do i need to do to live with god. HOLLAR BAPTISMAL COVENANTS!! 

love conference. everything that was said i knew someone we were teaching needed to hear, including myself. I need to take the sacrament mindfully. Luff all the talks. 

Love you all more than people love feeding cake to missionaries!!
Seriously this ward is the best i love them! 

Have the best day everrrr. much love from the boiling hot desert arequipa peru

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