Tuesday, October 28, 2014

First Dunk

Wow we sure witnessed the miracle of a fast! At our interview with the President we were told the whole mission was going to fast to change the culture of the mission to have converts instead of just baptisms. We have been really worried for our investigator Jorge who didnt show signs of tender heart but was going to be baptized this week. He has been having major problems with money with his university and hasnt been home so we thought he would just need to be baptized later in the month...but we found him at the church of all places playing with the young adults and he had an interview and was baptized the next day! It was crazy we taught ALL of the commandments in one visit. Milagros cada dia The baptism ran on peruvian time (aka an hour and a half late) Toddy would not be happy Larsens would have their panties in a wad right!

SERVICE PROJECT: our zone cleaned the streets of the political posters and stuff that is all over. Everryone and their dogs came up to us wanting the posters and stuff it was funny but a great opportunity for rthem to see missionaries working to help the country. 

I was asked to speak in church and not gonna lie felt like the accordian speaker after a farewell cause everyone was kinda zoning out cause #cantspeakspanish #needthegiftoftongues 
It actually went fine and I had 3 people in the past week tell me how much my spanish has improved this month so it was a grand boost! except then someone was asking me what the weather is like at my home during christmas and i said in the winter at my house it cries a lot, instead of snows. whoops. next time. but wait!! OMG i heard the funniest story of a spanish fail. 
The elder was trying to say ''When You come to my wedding you need to bring girfts'' but said ''You need to come to my wedding when i am on my period'''hahahahahahaahahahah 

My comp is from argentina and they had mothers day yesterday and the poor thang hasnt heard from her family since her first week in the mission and we have been trying to call for 2 days but it hasnt worked out and the phone lines have changed and anyways it has just been a big mess. Kinda got a little ´´trunky´´ (homesick) knowing that my comp is going to talk to her family......BUT we were in a phone booth and my girl SHANIA TWAIN ''that dont impress me much'' came on and i proudly sang along. so happy. Then right after we were calling a taxi to go back to our zone and i turn around and this guy in the shop was taking a picture of me with his cell phone and because i am trying to be christlike always i just smiled for him even though it was really werid. Whistles for days here in the desert of Areqipa. 

Really i was overwhelmed this week with realizing that i am a representative of Jesus Christ and the responsibility that this calling has. How in the world am i supposed to represent a perfect person? I am so tired. I sleep with my alarm right next to my ear because Tuesday I slept through it like didnt even hear it. at all. and it is so loud.  All i can do is my best and the lord will make up for the rest! 

Les Amo Mucho!! Nos Vemos el proximo Lunes! 

 jorge is the one next to me
all the honeys wearing mi ropas
service project that was working in the devils hours ( heat of the day)
mi compaƱera Hna Canasa

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