Monday, September 22, 2014

I Believe I Can Fly

Happy 1 month to me! Dont worry i celebrated big with a nice song entitled, God Bless America in the shower. It was a party. This week has been an interesting one full of realizations that my mission is actually starting that i can do anything WITH the savior but can´t do this on my own that is for sure. 
We taught latino´s one night and it was kinda a disaster. Some of them weren´t nice either. they asked us if we were even praying for the gift of tongues? like come on! of course we are! They also told us stuff like you cant just tell your testimony and facts tell your feelings and let it show which i understand the importance of that but come on dudes we are trying here.  After our whole district was really frustrated and then I prayed with my comp and we laughed/cried through it together. bless our hearts.
Temple Thursday is always a blessing. I´ve been really nervous for this last temple time and thought i would be really sad but when i was in there i was happy and just felt like everything was going to be okay! I am excited to spread my wings and fall a few times on the way to AREQUIPA!! It was awesome to leave. Also my teacher came so we could get a picture with her. She is posting it on the GRAM so follow her. ElizbrL
Finished the BOM last week and my oh my it is full of golden treasures. It made me feel bad for not reading them more in my past life. some things that stuck out to me this time
3rd nephi 28:33...did preach the gospel of Christ unto all people upon the fcace of the land and they were CONVERTED unto the lord.
Teaching the gospel truly does convert you. We will always be converting to this gospel and it requires action at all times.
It has been difficult for me to see my improvement in spanish but we taught the new missionaries and i sat there and just said to myself holy cow i used to be like that. So now i can see my improvement!
Lots of good stories this week but dont have time to share them all.
During a Law of Chastity lesson my investigator took a very different role and said he knows he will never have a relationship with a woman so i was thinking, does he like men?? I was so confused? and then i asked him to explain and he had a confidence problem and said nobody likes me haha and I started laughing SO hard and it was even funnier cause I had to be reverent but i just couldn´t. THEN i tried to say I know you Will have a relationship .....etc but I conjugated it wrong and said Well I know i will have a relationship and then it just went crazy.
ALL IS WELL can´t wait to be in arequipa even though it is bitter sweet leaving here. Lots of really good friends and have adjusted to everything.
xoxo hermana larsen

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