Thursday, September 11, 2014

Proselyting in Peru

How is everyone? I love getting emails. pday is such a good day i love it.
Temple thursday was so needed. i just sat there after and prayed to feel all of your guys´love and to feel god strengthening me and i really needed it today. thanks for all your prayers.
I´ll begin with some of the cool spiritual stuff
I got paired up with hna. mason who i love and who also left this week. basically what i learned is that i know 2% of what people say back to me in spanish but that i love peruvians already.
1. We were contacting in the parks which are more like grassy sidewalks and we saw a woman and started talking with her. my comp took over and told her about the book of mormon. For the next 20 minutes no joke the woman was questioning why the bible wasn´t enough. so i just sat there pretending like i knew what her concerns were and then i finally just gave my comp the eye and bore my testimony about the bom and the only way for her to know if it was the word of god would be for her to read and pray about it herself. (rewind for a second, before we started tracting i decided to write my testimony in a BOM and also my comp wrote in it) I handed her the book but she said she already had one, then I said well take this one and read the last chapter in moroni. after the day two elders said they came across a girl in a park sitting down reading and they said hello and was about to talk to her and then they saw her reading our testimonies written in the book. so she was reading yay! Everyone is super receptive here and it was a really good experience. reminded me why i am here in the first place.
2. another way old man was sitting on a bench and we asked him how he was. he goes, i am cold and i am sad. poor guy. after we told him of the plan of salvation he said he believed in god because he sent two angels to him. what a solid dude
way fun. we got to scream in pillows and throw soccer balls at eachother. although, mostly they just talked about how many things are stressful in the mission which made me more stressed because i didnt even recongize or thought of some of them. haha
STAR SPANGLED BANNER- Upon being asked what hymn i would like to sing, i started star spangled banner and by the end all of us were on our feet with our hand over our hearts belting it out. GOD BLESS THE USA. Man i love patriotism. Some of the peruvians came in and were cupping their hands over their ears. Our teacher whom i love, said she would show us the peruvian anthem and she pulls up youtube but there was a naugty commercial and everyone saw and quickly covered each others eyes. she was so flustered and worried so she said quick quick himno himno!!
our district has 14 amazing people in it and they are my new family/BFFs here in the CCM. We were told they were going to split us up because ours is kinda big and so we were all way sad, then the day it came to split us me and my comp went early to see who it was and they said they wouldnt split us up anymore! So then we told our teacher to play a really rude joke and say 4 people that would be moved to a different district. one of the elders got really fired up and goes BRUJA (witch in espanol) and it was just really funny
1. ELDER ?- This is one of the hardest i have ever laughed. elder ? is a latino missionary and the night before the latinos and latinas had to leave one of the latinas came in and told us that he was writing a love letter to her during class and the teacher caught him, gave the letter to El Presidente...When elder ? found out president got it he fainted and had to go to the hospital haha so he couldnt go on his mission until a few days later. then, later that night he slipped a note under the door towards the hermana his letter was to and she showed us north americans and let me tell you. It was the juciest love letter that i have ever seen. no wonder he fainted haha.
One night we were praying and all of a sudden i hear this fart so i start to laugh naturally. i thought it was my comp cause she had the toots and she laughed a little as well. I found out later that an elder in my district dared another one to open the door to our class fart and then keep going. it made my week.
My favorite part of the day is when i am let loose to study outside on my own and playing soccer. I scored twice yesterday holla! Doing something other than sitting makes me feel human again.
your favorite missionary eva
Hermana Larsen

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