Thursday, September 11, 2014

on the 8th day of constipation......

the new sisters that came had a rough week haha i feel so bad. like the caption says...pretty much explains what happened. yesterday i walked into the bathroom and lets just say there were some unholy smells in there.  We are all praying for them!
Our teachers have told us that we are now fasting from english so now our class is not quite as loud as it used to be simply cause we cant talk. when we do talk in english we do push ups. So i will be getting swoll in lima. :)
Hermana Rivera: she is my cute little peruvian teacher at night times and she just makes me so happy and i feel so loved. One night we were doing excercices on the computer and she saw me staring cause i was a little overwhelmed and she just gives me a hug from the back and says Si Se Puede (Yes you can) honestly, started tearing up a little cause sometimes you just need a little hug and it reminded me of home.
I found a video on a computer and i listened to it which i still dont know if thats against a rule but it was a talk so i did it. it MADE MY WEEK.
some things that reallys hit me. ´´When i find body begging for rest, and when i start to slow down, i tell myself remember him.´´ Jesus never stopped what he was doing or took a break. Enduring to the end is a hard concept but i want to endure THROUGH the end not just slow down before i get there.  That was elder Eyring
Elder holland: ´´ You let them know (missionaries) that when they struggle, when they are rejected, spit at, and cast out, they are standing shoulder to shoulder with the ONLY pure and perfect missionary that ever lived. And that they have EVERY reason to stand tall.
HOW COOL IS THAT! i got pumped and excited to be here!
1. My comp and I were doing some abs excercised and she totally farted way loud and i couldnt stop laughing for about 10 minutes. the human body doee!! so funny.
2. Some elders district rooms smell. A teacher came in and took our aersol spray can and doused their room with it and 1 minute later an elder was throwing up cause the spray was so strong. This poor elder has been sick since like day one though and they might send him home. He is the one they had to bless over the pray for Elder 
Today the temple was so so nice. all the little peruvian workers are so cute. . The temple is my favorite part of the week.
Basically everything is good. I can{t believe it has been a week. time flies when you are in a classroom 24/7. Thanks for all your prayers i think about it all the time.
I love you and the lord does too!
Wish i could send pictures to you!! Just 3 more weeks though!
Hna Larsen

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