Thursday, September 11, 2014

It´s your gurl!!

I only have two weeks left in sprit prison, aka CCM. wowzers. mixed emotions because i still feel clueless in spanish but way excited cause everytime i got proselite i fall in love with these peruvians. their culture is so cute, all the girls kiss you on the cheek.
Today at the temple this one woman came up and sprayed me and my comp with essential oils haha i think she saw me sniffling what a little angel though!
My maestra aka my saving grace here is my best little amiga i have here. she makes me so happy and she will ask me if her hair looks good for a fiesta she is going to and stuff. besties in peru.
PROSELITING, this time i was paired up with a latina and a few members. nobody spoke english but i was able to barely get by with my nods and smiles. for the first 4 hours we went through a list to try and talk to inactive members but NONE of them were home so....we went to the park. We sat next to a grandma and her grandchildren and my comp started talking to the grandma. I asked if they read the bible and they pointed to one of thekids how likes to read it and i brought out the BOM obvi and began showing the kid the pictures in it and tried my best to explain the stories in spanish. trainwreck i am sure. When we left he read the chapter i asked him to to his whole family and it was so sweet. I hope one day I will somehow somewhere run into them! We were fasting and so hungry when we got back but then we had a testimony meeting the next morning that went over 40 minutes. #didntmind #whohaveiturnedinto
one morning there was a slice of avacado. i was in heaven. then, there was rice,beans and GUACAMOLE and fijetas. Closest thing to cafe rio i will ever get and it was so delicious.
Also, I went to Migrations again this week for 9 hours but got to eat PIZZA HUT after. It is a sit down restaurant here and i was thrilled.
Me and my comp are sister leders over all the north american hermanas! Which is way exciting cause now it is actually a calling to ask them if everything in the stomach and bathroom things are going well! haha so happy
FUNNY STORY OF THE WEEK (yes it is about the bathroom but it has NOTHING to do with me)
my teacher was telling a story and says in his little accent ´´what do you call when yougo bathroom and make lots poop´´ the whole class was laughing way hard
Someone went to hug an old grandma and her dentures came out and onto his suit hahaha
I am feeling good. THis week my testimony of the savior has increased x100. I love peru and have worked really hard this week! I have been ablse to see which elders want to work hard and which ones want to make up their own weird fairy tale worlds. Yes they are writing a book. I know they are werid. Wish you all the best!
Love you more than all the rice grains on my plates.
xoxo Hna. Larsen

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