Monday, January 11, 2016

El comienzo de las ENTRAVISTAS


So this monday me and my comp. split up during the night with members to visit more people and it was the FIRST time that we had a succesful division.  A lot of times we plan for them and then one member ends up bailing, but it worked out so perfectly and we were able to have such a wonderful night. I taught members grandson who isnt a member and I felt impressed to talk about the temple and family history and he understood everything perfectly, and it was just so cool to see that everyone truly can understand that families can be together IF we live the gospel of christ. #familyhistory

Wednesday, we prepared all the lists and stuff for leadership council which i wont go into details, but me and my comp presented part talking about family history and during the moment, I cant really describe it, but it was a moment where testifying truly the spirit was there with us during that time, and I realized that my testimony of the importance and reason for doing it is strong only when we understand what we are really doing. My favorite part and i am sure for many missionaries of the work is when you hear the converts bear testimony, and i get the same feeling when someone sends a name to the templ eand they tell me what they feel.

From there we traveled from to Tacna with president and his wife and the assistants to begin all the interviews with the missionaries. We were able to talk to each missionary about specific names of their converts and rescues and to see how they are using family history with them. It was from 8:30-12:00 and then from 1:30-6:30 we were sooo tired after but there were many moments during the interview that helped strenghten my testimony and the whole time, i was just praying that every single companionship could continue (or start) helping their converts and rescues. It was so sad to hear that many wards have had like 30 baptisms in the last year and only 2 are active, so family history is the best retaining source we have so we just tried to help everyone see that and have the courage and faith to DO IT with them! #familyhistory

We traveled back early saturday morning by bus cause pres. has stake conferences, but the bus made like a ton of stops and we got here around 6 p.m. it was pretty bad and hot but hey we made it. 

From there we were able to teach a few lessons again in the area. HALLELUJAH! seriously it was way cool because we taught a family who the dad isnt a member and they just moved from lima, and we talked about the restauracion and definitely felt the spirit and it was cool because he had read what we left and the kids are kind of less active but they all said they would go to church the next day and THEY DID! wahoo While in gospel principles we talked about the premortal life and what happened there and his eyes just lit up and he was asking questions, and said that he was more convinced that this gospel was true the more he learned. Anyway, I just feel really good when I get to teach after all those interviews, it is good to get back to the work work. 

good things happen every day when we look for the hand of the Lord. 
I wish you all a very happy week much luff

sorry about not having new photos from the week my camera broke......blehhh

hermana larsen

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