Monday, January 18, 2016

Sup fam bam, debated even writing today because to be honest, i dont really know what to say if i am going to SEE YOU ALL SOO SOON!!!

But like all other weeks en la obra mision, it is full of beautiful spiritual rejuvenating experiences. With all the interviews we have, we get back to the area around 6 and work as hard as we can with the time allotted. I really really love teaching and so when we get back i just get so excited to see the people we are teaching. the majority are families! 
The other day a man was walking down the street with his little son and we said hermanas! We walked with him for probably a total of 30 seconds, and before he turned asked where he lived and when we could visit him, and he didnt really say yes, but said i live en house 18 maybe tuesday i will be home. So we went just in case and he was SO SURPRISED and he introduced us to his wife, and she is so receptive and like the scriptures describe, she recieves the word WITH JOY. I felt so happy just knowing that we were in the right place at the right time. They lost a baby that had 8 months, and they are looking for a hope and an answer as to why. We taught them twice this week, and came to an activity and sunday all three hours and just super happy to learn. seriously an answer to all my prayers. 
the other family we are teaching, they were less active and are in the process or activating and the dad isnt a member and he also has come 2 sundays in a row and to activities, he said in his prayer the other day that he was really thankful for the book of mormon and how beautiful the messages are. 
Also, last night we got back late, and i said lets just go find 1 person, and we took the directory and went to a member close and he hasnt been to church for 20 years and now is married with 4 kids and looking for a way to be a better dad cause he realized he doesnt put enough time into it. seriously, the lord guides this work and i feel blessed to be apart of it.

As far as going home, ya i am scared. not going to lie. more than anything i think i am disappointed in my faith. The lord does bless those who serve them, i just need to trust in his promises, and understand that even though i dont have any idea what i am doing when i get home, that he will provide the way for me. so we will see how it all goes. 

We FINALLY convinced a less active to come to the family history center with us and she kept saying, there are no birth certificates in my family and ....stuff. and so on the ride i was just praying that we would find what she needed to have a good experience, and we get there with her daughter, and she puts it in, and what do you know, we find her great gradpas death certificate and birth certificate, and when she realized she had tears of joy, and she sent the name to be done in the temple. It was so beautiful. She came to church yesterday.

I know that this work is a happiness you cant find in another place. The savior and his plan is perfect and marvelous. It is such a miracle that today we have the book of mormon, the prophets speak to our generation and warn us of pride and worrying about things of men. I love when I can see that others recognize that the Lord has restored the gospel because he loves us. 
love you all!!!

just some random photosssss

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