Monday, January 25, 2016


PAINTBALL!! jk my bruises have hurt all week but still, it was a really fun p-day. Lets just say stress was released. So the rule is if you get hit you put your hands up and go out. I snuck up and hit an hermana and she was supposed to leave, she just turns around and unloads like 4 shots on me and i wa sjust like woahhhhh gurl, lets just say i wanted to cry a little, but i was more mad than anything that i jsut remained neutral and shocked. Anyway, on to the WORK haha

This week was amazing for a few reasons. There was a broadcast for all the missionaries in the WORLD about teaching repentance and baptizing converts. Seriously it was such a good conference and we heard from elder anderson, bednar, and otherss. Something that caught my attenction was when someone said Always talk to everyone. always means always. so that is stuff that i could still work out. Literally talking to everyone when we are sitting down in the bus or whatever. 

THE WHOOPIE CUSHION: We went to pedregal this week and it i took the whoopie cushion cause usually we finish before president, and we were all playing with it. Seriously, no matter how many times you do it it never gets old. But like all good things it came to an end when a nice fat latino sat on it and it popped like literally a balloon. 

we are teaching 3 families and it is the BEST! 2 of them are married, so even better. Eliana and Jose came to churhc for the second time yesterday after having been at a birthdya party until really late the night before, she said, that it was hard to come and she questioned if she should and felt like she needed to. She has the most willingness spirit to learn, and holds onto every last sentence when you teach.
Another family we found we started teaching the less active dad and his children (the wife wouldnt come out) but the daughter gave the prayer after and keep in mind it was her first one ever, and it was probably one of the most sincere prayers i have ever heard in my etire life, she prayed so her dad could have the strength to guide the family after all they have been through, and prayed that her mom would have a softer heart, just like so many things, that made me truly understand the purpose of prayer all over again. 
Families guys. they are the best. 

Went on divisions and i seriously love latinas they are the best, sometimes i think i should be one. They are so full of life and energy. It was crazy because Hna. Gil has been out 1 month in the mission, and when i was with her it was like a throwback realizing that i once was at that point that she was. 

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