Monday, December 28, 2015

TWAS a very beautiful Christmas

At the beginning of the month i really was hopeful thinking ya with christmas being soon, more people are going to be willing to hear of the gospel and of christ and the way i found my christmas miracles was a little different than expected, but still the same. I felt myself become more aware of the way I act and the way I honor the tag i carry. Thankful for Him and the way he offers a new life and a clean start every week. There were a few experiences that helped me see why we share the gospel with family in particular
1. We were teaching the husband of a member whose wife and daughters are also members. At first he kind of said that he felt like it didnt matter what he did, all churches led him to god and that is all that mattered is if he believed in christ. At this point i just asked. What do you do to show that you believe in Christ. And he just basically said that he lives his life normal but knows that God lives. So in that moment i just felt like his daughter needed to share her testimony on what does it really mean to believe on him and how she came to know the way to follow. and in that moment i realized the importance and power of testimony.
2. Another member we were with we tried to teach her sister and she kind of ran away, but it was a spiritual experience for us and the member to see that she truly wanted to share the gospel but didnt know how. Fear is a concept that we all face. I sometimes ask, Why am I timid or scared to share the gospel with the people that I love most, but so easily walk up to a stranger and invite them to church and read the scriptures with them?? We share with those we love right? I just know that I need to be a better disciple of Christ and help all others, of course there is a time for everything, but if I love god and have desires to serve him, I am called to the work.

My companion and I made a Christmas for a family that doesnt have much and their mom just gave birth to a still born, and when we knocked on the door we ran to the side of the house and hid, but all of a sudden i heard footsteps and Edison who was just baptized came running out and chased us asking why we did this and all this stuff, and we told him not to tell his family. The next day he came strollin into church with the tie we put in there and he is the only one coming to church now after what happened, a rock for his family. So i am praying that their hearts can be comforted with everything that happened. 

As far as christmas festivities goes... 
Christmas Eve the President and Hermana Zobrist had us over and we ate BBQ ribs (so good) and played games did the white elephant. I told you all i made slippers out of womens hygenic pads and it turned out awesome. I will attach the photo of the elder who opened it. At the end of everyting hna. zobrist wanted them haha. and then watched the fireworks. So much better than the 4th of july it is the best. 
Christmas Day, we made German Pancakes and then went to lunch with my fav. family here that you all met and SKYPED WITH YÂLL. everyone is lookin good, havent changed a bit. 

Life is good. 

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