Monday, January 11, 2016


My comp Hna. Alducin is now home :( but she left happy and lookin good and feelin good so after droppin her off at the airport I went back to the mission home to organize a few things of family history with pres and hna zobrist. We had a zone conferences wednesday and thrusday to plan a part of family history, we did like a skit of people representing people in the spirit world who have accepted the gospel and are waiting. It is amazing how much a little thing takes a lot of effort to coordinate, but again i just pray that what i do will help the missionaries in some way. There was a moment when i was planning and president came in to see how it was all going and I just asked him a little about his reason for wanting to push family history and how he feels about his mission so far, and after I just felt like a huge wave of gratitute that I have to be able to do this work. The next day I got my comp Hna Anderson she is from Vegas and she is nervous/excited to be workin in family history, but she is already got full batteries and did great this weekend doing the trips to Ilo and Moquegua.
We went to Ilo and Moquegua doing like open doors for their stakes to come in and work on their family history. The hard part about doing it here, is the stakes have at most 1 computer to do it, hence us bringing down 4 laptops and going to town. My favorite part of doing it all is helping the old people because they get so so so thrilled if we find something it is the best feeling. I still have the problem of getting anxious not being in the area but when I start helping a person i truly do feel the spirit tell me i am doing what is asked of me, and the people are always so grateful, and when we send names to be done in the temple they ring the bell and then after is where I get to ask them how they feel and they usually end up sharing their beautiful testimonies. Family History will never really get old i think. When I was first assigned to the calling i was like oh great i am going to be stuck with this for seriously the REST OF MY LIFE, and it will probably be true, but it is a really cool spirit. 
Well all i can say is thanks for all the happy wishes of a merry christmas. More than anything I just feel really grateful for this year, really grateful for the savior and his role in everyones lives, a special pride being able to represent him this week especially. Here is to a very merr christmas! I will see you all on Friday!
hna. larsen

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