Monday, December 14, 2015

Just super grateful

Because i know that you are all dyin to hear about golf i will tell ya....We get to the course and they have like peruvian caddy`s that push your cart, but first they gave us a small bucket to hit. My nervousness had flown away the night before, and i was just more excited than anything. The sun was super hot and like what other option do i have i cant wait a skirt so i have my jeans on. Okay too many details. But first few swings went great and pres was all analyzing me and goes,,,,you got a good little swing hermana! you can hit the ball. next hit...duff..hahah But i started and was playing well. After the second hole i was feeling good and then all of a sudden i felt my stomach drop into my butt and was like aye yai yai que hago??? what do i do the peruvian poops are here and i was SO MAD because i was doing good. So hna. zobrist (the presidents wife) is way awesome and i told her, hna. zobrist where is the closest bathroom and she just laughed you will have to go back so i ran for like straight 7 minutes just praying that i would make it, not to mention it is BOILING hot so it was kinda miserable. But after that i made it to one of the better public bathrooms i have been in, with TP bythe way and it was all good. Then came back to finish golfing. So i missed a hole, but i played fairly well. got a par wahoo after a year and a half. I shot about a 49 assuming that i would have gotten a bogey on the hole i missed. not too shabby. I dontn know what president shot, he didnt take count so in the end we didnt really get the bet or anything. haha but it is all good, it was so fun. 
This week something super weirdly spiritual happened and i still dont really understand but it was allgood. We had a reunion with the district to say bye to my comp who leaves tomorrow, and i made pancakes for everyon ein the church but it took seriously the whole movie that we watched to cook them because the gas wasnt powerful at all but they were still good. anyway, we watched a mormon movie called A good man something like that. It is a story of a bishop and his family and his work and just how he has a lot of wweight to do and how he trusts in the lord to do it all and I dont know why but it just seriously called me attention that I want to be a person who helps lift the burdens and responsibilites of others instead of being the burden and problem. So I beg all yàñlls forgivemens for if one time i was a weight for you all. Especially my parents. sorry guys i love ya. The movie made me unusally emotional and i seriously had like that ``hermana moment`` I was laughin and crying at myself along with the district they were all laughing at me. After watching it I felt an impression to go pray and thank the lord for the gospel in my life, and so i went to a room and started to pray. It was one of the most spiritual experiences but at the same time the situation sounds so weird that i cant really describe it but I will tel you one thing it was spiritual and was just a moment of feeling so grateful for the gospel, and family, and my mission, and EVERYTHING!! 

Other thing of the week: Edison the young man that was baptized a month ago, his mom was pregnant, and this morming he called and told us that the baby died shortly after it was born and so today we are going ot go to the hospital to visit his mom, it is so sad, and my heart dropped. All i know is that we have news of a plan of salvation and i know that it can help all people. 

Luh u all have a good week! 

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