Monday, December 7, 2015

Que venga la Navidad!!!

Christmas is sooooo soon i am so excited. It is seriously the best time to be preaching the gospel. Highlights of the week...

1. DIVISIONS with Hna. Ruiz
Hna. Ruiz is from columbia and when we were on divisions i got to know her super well, and it was probably one of the most spiritual moments i have had in the past month or so. She is super strong firecracker personality. We were eating breakfast and i just started asking her questions about her family like what she appreciates most of her dad, mom, it is with her brothers, and how her family came to know the church. Anyway, she was telling me what it was like for her growing up and some things that have happened in her family with addictions to drugs, and stuff like that. As I listened to her i felt truly humbled for the life I have, for the blessings I was given. I was shocked at how strong she was and we were both just like crying while eating breakfast (bless our hearts right) but seriously it was a way cool experience for me. After, while thinking more, i was just like that is what family history is about because we felt the spirit, we had a deeper appreciation from where we came from, and honestly just the love for her family was there. I told her that I really appreciated her and admired her because you would never know, she is the happiest person all the time. She then, told me that she had never told anyone some of those stories, and that she felt like she understood the power of family after that. so just a sentimental and way cool moment that i wanted to share.

2. We had leadership council this last week, and the training was how to work with the stake presidents and bishops. Basically i was humbled, because i realized that I have probably been the weight instead of taking part of the load. Sometimes, we just say bishop these people need interviews and list of things to do, but I understand now we need to see what visions they have and then use our resources to help them with that. So i am thankful for moments like that. Am i part of the problem or part of the solution?

3. Just grateful for small moments where i understand the simplicity of how the spirit testifies of the truth. We have been teaching Javier who is like 30ish and just has some serious questions. As we teach with the scriptures and add our testimonies i just feel like it is so right. The gospel is simple and true, we just think too much sometimes.

4. okay seriously i need someone to confirm this for me by next week because i am dying to know!! I heard that j.k. rowling is writing a new harry potter book.... if you love me you will update me next week with the deets if it is a rumor or if it is the truth. 

5.The christmas devotional made me soooo trunky haha i love the christmas lights, salt lake is beautiful. We watched it with the stake and we were sitting next to my fav. family here familia monserrate, and mercedes just hugged me and said that we were a family, and it just was a special moment. We eat breakfast and lunch with them and they are just so solid. Today their son left to go to school and they all knelt down in prayer before he left, and it was so sweet, they are such an example. 

Pics include setting up christmas a little bit before council, me and my comp makin french toast for everyone, and a dog named zac.... :)

We had a few groups again planned up this week at the family history center this week, they both turned out great. there was a group of about 30 YW. Sometimes it is a little frustrating because they just say things that i am like come on just figure it out. hermana why is the screen white, hermana why is there nobody in my tree? Hermana why doesnt my brother show up? Well did your brother die? hahah ayyyy but it was also very beautiful because they were all way stoked, and want to come back, and a few are going to be family history consultants in their wards so the work of salvation is going along. 

This weeks plans...

1. Golfing with the President Zobrist: seriously guys pray harder than you did for me than when i was in state hahah jk it is going to just be a fun day
2. we have a talent show comin up that is for the ward so that is fun
3. Talking about the Birth of the Savior with every person we can find, and building good ol´Zion.
4. I will just let you know how it goes next week sound good?

hna larsen
tal jueguito

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