Monday, November 23, 2015


Well first I would like to share with you all how much i LOVE YOU!! thanks for the turkey feathers, i was filled with gratitude as i put each one up on the wall. 

This week included mostly meetings with the family history and the people working in the center so they can be more self sufficient and bring groups from every stake in. Sometimes when i am kind of sick of meetings i think why cant we be teaching in our area, but then i immediately repent and think of the many blessings and the great opportunity it is to work in this assignment. President zobrist is amazing and i have learned so much from him about how to delegate and how to motivate people so #grateful. also we started filling up little jars with the temple ground dirt of arequipa for everyone that sends a name to take home and remember. too cute for words right? 

Our owners went to the temple for the week to be sealed :) and they left us with their turtle so that was fun. haha

Blessings from Repentance and the Atonement: Well i hate to tell you all this but i am still not perfect. The hardest thing for us here in our ward is something going on with an important leader of the ward, and i have kind of lost a lot of faith in the way things are working and i didnt like my attitute about it or the fact that I didnt have faith and it is definitely not my space to go in and train or tell them how to do their job. So i have been having this battle inside my head and i realized tuesday that it was really affecting my ability to love and respect anyway and so I just felt this really strong need to repent and so when i was in my personal study i went near my bed and began to tell the lord all my bottled up frustrations and everything and i just felt so much better after. I have learned a lot about patience here and i am still not patient and i have realized that i like things to be perfect and it will all just take time. so when i read D and C 123:17 it just calmed me down to understand that there are some things that just arent in my control, the only thing i can try and do is figure out a way to help him even though it is sometimes dissapointing and keep working. I testify that repentance is a way to use the power of the atonement and helps us feel free from many bad feelings.  I am Grateful for the Savior. 

Well that was deep

If anyone would like to study something i studied i will invite you to do so!
Numbers 21:4-9
John 3:1-17
Alma 33:19-23
Alma 37:38-47
This was one of my studies and it was awesome for me. It is about the story of moses when he was traveling and people were complaining and then the lord sent snakes and they began to bite people, then moses held up a staff with the serpent and the only thing they had to do to be saved was to look upon it and they would be healed. Anyway, I invite you to read these scriptures and think of how it is a symbol of the lord being raised up and all we need to do is look up to it. Some people didnt believe the words of moses and didnt look and perished. It all begins with believing in the Lord and the prophet. I know the prophet recieves revelation from God, about all things going in our world. 
Happy Thanksgiving my family and friends I love you all and love this gospel. My plans for thanksgiving, my comp wants to go to the house of a gringo family that live here, we will see what happens. Eat lots of gravy and rolls for me and i will save you all some of my rice okay?

con mucho amor y cariƱo

hna larsen

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