Monday, November 16, 2015

las familias pueden ser eternas

BUENOS DÌAS a todos!

so from the title families can be together forever, i just feel like seeing the baptism of edison it truly made me see the real potencial in this family. As we were finishing teaching him all the commandments, we asked his mom how she felt about these things, and she said that after hearing the purpose behind tithing and fasting and word of wisdom and chastity she wants to obey god and be able to fulfuill all that he asks of us. Our goal preparing for the baptism was to do all we could so that the spirit could manifest more strongly like it does in all ordinances of the gospel, and it was a really spiritual experience for me. i felt the feeling of an active faith and it was a beautiful thing. When we asked him how he felt after he said a lot better than i was before. when we had time to share his testimony he said that when we has nervous to be baptized he prayed to know if he was doing the right thing and felt good about it. He came to his confirmation with pants and a tie and everything which is really rare. He is already excited to go to the temple and knows that is his goal. This was such a big step for this family, and we are getting excited to continue teaching them. Their next step would be for them to get married and so she can be baptized. 

This week we were talking with president and hna zobrist and it looks like we are going to be at all the stake conferences pushing more and more family history. the more time that i am in this assignment the more i feel like i should know a lot more of how to DO IT but truth is i dont know a lot i just know that with what i have studied and learned that it truly is the purpose and reason we are here. to do these things for them. President said to hna, z, honey where should we go to church tomorrow, and i said come check out cesar vallejo (our ward) and he goes done. we are coming. So they came and it was awesome. My favorite moment was when he came to our gospel doctorine class which is for all investigators and less actives who are coming back and all that and he sat next to an investigator who is a cut little old lady who doesnt talk very well and he was makin her fell all special and makin jokes iwth her it was fun. 

This work is the best. And I am thankful for my awesome companion who is a true friend and we praying and praying and fasting and it is just a beautiful thing to work together in unity. We were listening to a less active and i felt like i needed to tell him that the lord needs him back at this specific time and as i thought that my companion said it. It just made me realize that the spirit truly works and I feel lucky that we were both tuned into it. This work is true and I love all yàll. 

Our ward was pretty excited to have a baptism because they havent had one in over 8 months, so i hope it excites them to start being a part of the work a little more.

Anything that you guys want to hear about especifically that i dont really ever cover? Let me know, i would love to hear what you want to hear?

1. you will always see people walking down the streets with pans of uncooked or cooked food because they pay people to use their ovens. A lot of people dont have them. so that is your taste of peru this week.


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