Tuesday, November 10, 2015


So i need to make up for last weeks lame email sorry. The lord is blessing us so much and we have seen how the lord truly has prepared the hearts of this area for me and my companion. There are many times here in the mission where i feel like ammon when he goes on about how awesome it was that the lord was able to make use of him as an instrument in his hands and that the lord was able to help the lamanites convert. You can just feel how stoked he is about the power of god and just cant stop talking of all the blessings and miracles that happen and i feel like that every week. There is nothing that brings ``joy to the rim`` like seeing fellow bretheren truly repentant and coming to the lord. 
alma 26 16 Therefore, let us gloryyea, we will glory in thLord;yea, we will rejoice, for our joy is full; yea, we will praiseour God forever. Behold, who can glory too much in theLord? Yea, who can say too much of his great power, andof his mercyand of his longsuffering towards the childrenof men? Behold, say unto you, I cannot say the smallestpart which feel.  

1. picture this lesson okay. We are teaching a family of the 1'0 commandments and law of chastity and my comp used their computer to pull of a picture of the temple. okso we are talking about how when we keep the commandments we are worthy to have gods spirit with us. so we need to treat our bodies with care as if it were a comp says i would like for you to look at this temple and points to the computer, we all look over and right then it fell asleep and the background came up like the screensaver and it is straight pornagraphic images and i couldnt help myself i just busted up laughing. it was such a disaster. The lesson ended up well because they were able to quickly discern what images words made them feel good and which ones didnt. we helped them change their screen saver and everything after too. now it is the temple. anyway the less actives son is getting baptized this saturday and we are really impressed with his testimony. 
ARLETH she is 15 and a golden investigator
1. k we taught her also law of chastity it went better than the puma family i just told but we told her that we knew that the laws of god seemed different to people from the world. and she goes on to tell us that last week on halloween people invited her to drink and she said the church i belong to doesnt allow that and was firm and everythign and told us she felt like someone was behind her on the decision. the best part was that we hadnt even taught her yet about the word of wisdom. 
2. next lesson with arleth she told us she had some questions. her professor at her school was taunting her for coming to church and asking what kind of church are you going to. do they even have authority to do baptisms? and all this stuff and she totally DEFENDED everything with what she had learned. and then after wanted us to answer the questions of how we have the priesthood and all that. i told her arleth you will have people criticize this decision maybe even your own family but this is the time where you can recieve a confirmation of what you believe. we talked of the restoration of the priesthood and where it comes from and her testimony was made stronger after that trial. After we taught she goes can i add something? of course! she goes on to share a scripture that she had read in the BOM in 3ne when it talkes about how if it is a church after the name of moses than it is mose`s church. but my church will have my name. and she goes this all makes sense and i believe the book of mormon is true. she reads more than doing her homework she said. I AM ALWAYS SO GIDDY AFTER TEACHING HER!! the spirit is always so strong. pray for permission from her parents that she can be baptized the 28th!

i forgot my camera cord so please forgive me. aghh i am so mad at myself because i had lots of good pics to send.....sorry. 

basically i love the mission still. and it pains me when people ask me how much time i have left but it gives me all the more reason to just work as hard as i can. 

love you all, thanks for all the support and prayers, you guys are part of this too

hna larsen

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