Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Happy Halloween to all. My day was spent fasting for the area and for the spirit to know how to help advance the work with our ward, and with our calling for family hisroty. Wasnt too hard because here they dont pig out on dulces like we do. But rather they take a plate of food to the grave of their dead ancestors so that they can eat. and bread. so ya that is that. 

As far as family history goes, we are doing great, hearing great things from many missionaries as they have come in. i think in this next month we are going to continue with an increaseof missionaries bringing people in or at least doing it. I can honestly say that i have a testimony that family history is the best source for retention. Last week i told you a less active came to the FHC and found a huge family and etc. When we saw her this week she told us that she was been going to internet for like 2 hours everyday and has continued finding out more of her family how her grandpa changed their last name and etc. anyway she said she now has a goal to go to the temple and in order to do that she needs to start coming to church. So she totally realized that to be able to do it she needs to get back in it. Grateful once again for the confirmations the lord sends in his plans to save every one of his children. 

Sorry dont have much to report this week other than I LOVE BEING HERE. the spirit of god truly does burn like a firre. and that peru is the best. 
i love my family. I love the lord. i am falling more in love with the families here in the ward which is helping me serve them more.

lots of love have a great week.
happy anniversary mommy and daddy. YOU 2 are the best

hna larsen

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