Monday, October 12, 2015


So i will start by telling you a few of the funniest/worst excuses that we heard this week.

1. I can`t because my dog is feeling sick
2. we knock. A little flap opens with the mans face. me: Hermano pascual is that you? ahhh hermanas como estàn. es que estoy indecente  (means he was naked) hahahahahaahah we just laughed way hard and said ya we will come back another day. he is a less active

there were a few more but those were my favorites. It is so funny we just made jokes about it the whole day. Last night before we started planning i went to the bathroom and I came out feeling good and then my comp just like scared me and i screamed like a little peruvian boy an djust fell to the floor and then we laughed for a long time. Had i not gone to the bathroom i would have wet my skirt. and garments. So ya I pretty much love my companion. again. I am so lucky. 

The work is so amazing. We had leadership council again and i just realize every time how inspired the mission president is and that the lord uses all his servants to help his work. When i saw hna. zobrist she just gave me a nice big hug and started to scratch me where my shingles were haha it made my day seriously. She understands haha I also got to see Hna. Tituaña again (baby girl) :)

Favorite parts of the week....We had a day where EVERYONE was home and we got to teach the whole entire day. such a miracle. the lord is blessing us so much to find those who are ready. We talked with a young kid who has started to come to church with this less active father. He said, the first two times i felt obligated but now i come by myself and it is true. If his family doesnt come he does. So we are working with the family and he has a baptismal date for the end of october. 

FAMILY HISTORY MOMENT:  So saturday we went into the family history center and we were working for plans to get all the missionaries to bring in their converts and less active rescues. Anyway, this man came in who cant really see and doesnt write too well. We tried for an hour to set him up an account and the server was down church wide... :( So I just gave him the booklet ``mi familia`` and we started to fill it out together. I got to know a little bit about him and his family. the first question in the book says ``What do you want others to know about you`` He looked me in the eye and said I want them to know about the gospel of jesus christ. And when they join, that they may continue faithfully for the rest of their lives.`` I asked him how he felt about going to the temple to do this work for his ancestors and he just looks at me and cries and says, ``The temple is the biggest blessing for and and the best place to be.´´ he continued wiping his tears and i broke the rules and just touched his should trying to show my love for him the best way i could because there were no words that needed to be said. Gregorio made my week special, and moments like that make everything worth it. I know that this church is the way provided for us to come to know the true love of god. The lord, His work and His Children are the only things that matter. 

Also, a lady who had done a tone of research ended up sending over 40 ordinances of the temple and it was awesome. Everytime someone sends a name we have them ring the bell. IT IS THE BEST! 

the mission is wonderful, sure love you all!!

hna. larsen

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