Monday, October 5, 2015

Conference Report

Here in the mission there are so many opportunities to recieve guidance by leaders who create a place where the spirit is allowing one to get their own personal revelation which is why I LOVE CONFERENCE. There are amazing leaders who pray to know the will of the lord for their people and we ourselves recognize in what way we can become better and recieve all the comfort of the faith and plan that we are following. that being said, Conference has been such a pleasure. 

Okay well this week has included many things as far as farewell parties for Hna. Kuhn, working in a different area with my comp for the week hna. menlove, an earthquake ( lasted about 20 seconds, super awesome) , much needed guidance and redirection from the prophet and apostles. So cool because Elder Stevensen the new prophet came to the mission about a month ago and he truly has such a special spirit and strong testimony. 

We were able to work really hard through the end of the week and my shingle body is free from pain so I am an even happier girl. This week was so beautiful, me and hermana menlove had such a great time together, she is such a strong and caring person and we were asking ourselves why we werent companions forever haha. My new companion will come in a few hours. Her name is Hermana Alducin and is from mexico, she is super cool i already know her. She will go home a little early from changes to make it home before christmas which will be so fun for her. We will still be in charge of Family History here and mostly our duties will just be helping the converts and everyone send names to the temple or (even better) organize a bus trip to the temple so they can take their own family names!! WAHOO for F.H. 

Some of my favorite conference sayings....

Renlund:`` It is about the Lord, the Work, and Heavenly Fathers children`` that is exactly what i feel now as a missionary and the more i think of those three things i will be able to be used as an insturment even though i am not perfect

Dallin H. Oaks: He siad something about how the savior has descendedbelow all things and that him having descended everything, he is in the perfect place to liftus up. 

Holland always knockin it out of the park . You know al lthe mothers and women of the church just love holland. But I guess more than anything i was just really appreciative to be ableto say that ya my mom is awesome and her love is similar to the lords. 

Probably the best one for me was hales. The way he talked to the youth and everything i felt like it wa sapplying to me. Just many talks encouraged me to have clean and pure thoughts that will reflect in actions. so there are many things for me to improve on and i will definitely pick a scripture to PONDERIZE and try to put into practice. love all yàll!!

pictures include birthdya of my comp. so they smash the cake in the face and spray you with flour and eggs. so fun. 

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