Monday, October 19, 2015

The Work Continues

NEWS: this coming week we are going to Tacna ( 7 hours in bus....) to help them with their family history. It looks like we are going to be putting another center up there so that is exciting.

This week we have had a good week. Our investigators are awesome and they come to church everyweek they just i think are scared of the idea of being baptized. My happy was that this one girl that we are teaching Arlette has been coming to church for 2 months and we have only been able to teach her twice before. But we found out where she lived. she told us that she was scared of what her family think because they kind of bully her but we knocked on her door and she came out and we talked outside for about 10 minutes and her mom came out and said for us to come in! We then were able to talk with her mom and she proceeded to ask us questions like ´´Can you take my other daughter to church? Ever since Arlette has gone to church she is changing and doesnt raise her voice or complain. What is happening? She spends more time reading that bible book ( BOMM) than she does doing her homework. haha Basically it was just good evidence for me to see that the gospel truly does change peoples behavior and attitudes. 

I love reading the scriptures. I am in Mosiah and seriously the Prophet Abinidi is just the best. I was reading this week about the king Noah and how we is a wicked king and didnt obey the commandments and didnt walk in the ways of the Lord but rather`` walked in the ways of his heart`` and I was shocked at how strong the languague was from the prophet abinidi fortelling all of the doom and punishment he was going to unleash upon them unless they repented of their sins. And I was like wooww this town was freaking wicked and then i was humbled......How many times do I walk after the ways of my own heart? I have no right to judge how this king and his people were when I am here and everyday I choose to do my own desires instead of the Lords. The people preached things that they weren`t living truly because they didnt apply their hearts to understand. (Mos 12:27) Then i was like ouch how many times have i preached something that I wasnt practicing. Basically I was just thankful that all throughout these chapters Abinidi tells them that the lord will give them an opportunity to repent. That is the difference. The lord will always give us many chances to change and admit what we have done but to change move on and forget our old ways. 

All is well here in the good ol Arequipa. Last week i told you the guy we knocked on his door that said that he was basically naked. We found him agian (with clothes dont worry) and he came to church WITH his daughter for the first time in 6 years. We feel so happy for him, and pray that the Lord will continue blessing him with the courage and strenghth to be an example for his family. 

My comp loves dogs. like every single dog it is so funny. Life is swell as it always is in the mission :) 

Que tengan una buena semana

hna. larsen

painting service
ultimate frisbee team from last pday. We went so hard and it was probably one of my most favorite pdays. I have missed solid competition haha
cuttin torta por dias

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