Thursday, June 11, 2015


Want to hear a joke? la huelga. hahahahah

This week we were once again able to work the entire week and i am so thankful for everyone that we were able to meet with. The mission culture is to work carefully with converts and less actives. I understand why. Walter has faced some problems this last week, and even though he is reading the book of mormon praying and visiting with us every other day, he made a bad decision with some friends. I couldn´t help but say withing myself. how in the world is that possible? If he really prays and reads how can you go wrong. I listened carefully and realized that he is beating hismelf up more that he thinks. I am so gratefully for every sunday that we have the chance to renew our covenants and recieve the spirit again and again. I read something the other day that said that every day we need to repent. Honestly, i wasn´t doing that. When i read meditated, really why dont i repent every day, i am so prideful!! haha but truly, i am making an effort to see the things i do well, and be honest with myself that need a little improvement. 
One of my favorite times this week was the chance I had to teach Luis Angel and his Wife Milagros. Luis Angel is oficially rescued and had an interview with the president of the branch. His wife, even though is a sweetie, and wants to KNOW is lacking the faith to DO things. To search for herself. She said, it is true i felt something in your churhc that i have never felt before. My favorite part though as i was about to say was that sunday he said ´´When i was 20 i was baptized because i wanted to be good and unfortunatly i had a bad group of friends and i was far from the church after, but now, i really want to be better and follow jesus christ.´´ Such a good guy. 
This whole week we talked of the temple with members and all because they need reccomendations to be at the dedication that will come for the temple in Trujillo peru in June. I know that the spirit in the lessons that we talk of the temple is something different. I am so thankful for all the times i was able to go from the time  I was 12 until now. The spirit truly is the strongest there and is indescribable. 
As we repent we show god that we are teachable and willing to do HIS WILL. 

friends, romans and countrymen, like president monson said one time, ´´“No sacrifice is too great, no price too heavy, no struggle too difficult in order to receive those blessings.”3 ( of the temple)

ciau mis amados

hna larsen

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